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The clock in the morning. I do for you, man. Especially be my socks either. I'm not gonna get into that with you. All right. Let's get into this recruiting class shall we top fifteen class. You just heard Ryan day during the news saying we didn't have a lot of spots open or else. It would be higher is is that the truth here or did the buckeyes miss out on some things because usually it's a top five class. Well, I don't I don't think it missed out on anything. I think you're caught in that transitional period that you know, there are a couple of decommit because of urban retirement, but at the same time, you did have some kids commit right after urban retired. So I think it's just a new regime coming in. I don't put in again, it's early signing day. Also, remember that? So you still have more coming in February. So the rank could very well go higher. But right now, they're listed at twelve with the big ten rank third behind Michigan and Penn State, but there's a lot of good kids in this class. And obviously Zach Harrison is the big one talk prospect at Ohio mean this kid's in animal, man. And he's explosive on the outside Russia's the edge. But he had he narrowed it down from Ohio State and Penn State Michigan and finally made the announcement yesterday, which was pretty cool the place when absolutely not. But overall I'd say they got a pretty good looking class. There's some good players that are that have committed as of yesterday. How big of a big of a get is that for Ryan days. Harrison, this guy pretty much. Everybody was saying Michigan one hundred percent the whole way through then all of a sudden Michigan gets a beatdown by the buckeyes and he flips over to Ryan. Well, I think it would have been more of a I I don't consider it a huge get because he was right here in our backyard. I think it would have been bigger he gone in Michigan to be honest. I mean, that'd be he was going to he was supposed to. I mean, it was by all accounts. All these crystal ball predictions. It was a done deal. Well, I think those crystal balls were cloudy. I don't think he ever was really gonna go that way. I mean, there was were part of me that thought he might. But I I find it hard to believe that that he was going to go straight up north. I think that some that he was caught to and got convinced that you know, Ryan day is a good coach. And this is still a good program. And we've seen what they're capable of especially with this offense with Ryan day. And and Michigan saw first hand on the last week and then in November. But you know, you don't crystal balls go blow him, I mean, you know, you have some of these kids this star quality you buy star four star three star. It's almost like the NFL draft. You have these guys are like, yeah. He's gonna be all world ends up being. A bust. And then you have free star kids that are like Michigan state like look at on bell four star. Now look at him. And you know, how he's crews on the NFL. Let's get rid of this past year. But it's a it's a solid group. We're talking to the artist formerly known as my campaign. I can't be let me ask you this. You know, you just mentioned three stars recruiting processes so overblown in dramas ties. And would rather get some three stars who are hungry because a lot of these stars are based on how many camps these guys go to where it's based on body frame. What's their size? What's their speed? And it's not so much based on are. They a good football player. I see more three stars. Your Baker mayfield's. You just mentioned on bell. I see more three stars out there making headway in college and pro football than I do. I see a lot of five store flops to be honest with you. I I think we go to crazy over this stuff. Yeah. I I would agree with you. In fact, one three star prospect that I'm I personally am interested in seeing is with Mike Weber deciding to go pro we, you know, higher speed at two one thousand yard back over the last couple of years with Mike Weber and j k Dobbins with Weber going saying he wants to try to play on Sundays Marcus Crowley is three star running back from Jacksonville, Florida. And I'm telling you bloom this kid's pretty good. We talk. To Jeremy Birmingham yesterday on one five seven the zone yesterday afternoon. He's with Letterman row, and he was saying three star from Jacksonville Florida is different than a three star anywhere else. No, again, we're talking about that level, and how you gauge stars. But if you think of the amount of athletic, ability and talent that is in that pool in Florida, Marcus Crowley, could be something special. But again, it's it's it's a script that yet to be written. You know, we have the guys some of the guys in place. It's just to see how these kids merge into the system about wide receiver Garrett Wilson, what do you like about this guy? Oh my God. He's an animal. I can tell you that right now. I mean, he's good. He's good size is six one one eighty one. But after Mickey Mariotti gets his hands on them. You know, you're looking at him being around two hundred pounds. But he's got good speed good hands. Bryant heartline is you know, full-time on board. Now as wide receivers coach you're going to see some of his routes improve. But you know, he's one of the highest touted receivers coming out of this high school class at lake Travis, Texas, and we know that Ohio State is dipped into that, Texas, especially going back to JK Dobbins. You see what he's capable of as running back. But I lay Garrett Wilson I also like the other wide receiver. They got Jameson Williams. He's a four star out of Saint Louis. This is another kid good size. Good hands playmaker out in the open field. And if if Ohio State continues to run the scheme to running now and a lot of cross. Passing routes and give these kids the ability to make plays. You could continue to see the the most you know, some explosive plays out this offense. And the other thing is bloom. I wanted to bring it keep in mind too that the quarterback situation could change to with a big with the big story with doin Mathis with from Ohio State to Georgia. But Justin field who is the number one recruit in two thousand eighteen and was at Georgia decided to transfer now it's open for him to talk to people. And he narrowed his choices down to Florida state, Oklahoma and Ohio State. I gotta tell you talking to Jeremy Birmingham. Again, he says this kid is every bit of a he called him. A did Shawn Watson redo, and I and he said that this is the talk about Justin fields coming to Columbus is a real thing. And if he does so you may have to make room for this kid, and I don't know if he's going to be if he's going to be a redshirt or if he's going to. If he's gonna apply, I guess lawyers involved or regarding hardships. Because apparently there was he's claiming the word was used. It was inappropriate, you know, his coaches as you know, is a black quarterback. But the other thing is that if you if he can come back, you know, if he if he doesn't you saw the shape Patterson thing within going, you know, leaving because you freeze deal. So. Same attorney to. Yeah. And the other thing that you should keep in mind. You know, who is quarterback kit coaches the saints quarterback coach of Dwayne Haskins. There you go. Hey, we gotta get going camping. I'm gonna I'm gonna jump back with you at about twenty after eight if that's possible. All right. Yeah, I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm heading to the gym right now. But it should be you don't work out. Come on. I'll talk to you right now. All right. That is the artist formerly known as Mike campaign, and hopefully, we'll get him back on talk more a little bit later. Let's go to Alison right now. What's going on the news? If you plan to hit the road to head out for the holiday, you might see some lower gas prices. They no longer have to defect to come play baseball. The MLB in Cuba are reaching an agreement. And it's a holiday baking disaster. Broken hershey. Kisses have cookie bakers bitter. A look at that coming up at the top of the hour. Okay. We got a couple of accidents scenes in heroes and start with six seventy westbound.

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