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What's filming scenes in the times, we're living in but depicted back. Gosh. You know, let me just say the guys on the show make it so easy. But it is incredible to see how maybe how far we've come. And how far we haven't come. We have a great. We have a great. Can. I say great episode about are you could kind of turn round. Yeah. We talk around. But we it is a dressed in the show and sexual harassment seminar. That is one of the first sexual harassment seminars. And why the characters even when they say sexual harassment. He's like what is what? Yet. It was the eighties eighty remember some of. A line. And then the character says, and it's a comedy. He says, you know, obviously, you can say anything, right, but there's nine designated touch. Yes. And he goes, I mean, it's over the top eleven. To do the research to see what interesting crazy ten routine. A you are friends with another incredible. Actress Regina king. I love you opposite. But fans of actually mixed the two of you up. Yeah. Would like miss king can happen. Picture already. I actually literally when my agent said, John I was like, no. That was no message from Don Cheadle, and I had met Don. But I didn't know him. I said this a message cheat on us. I think he I think he meant Regina king 'cause she's at the same agency. So I was like it was me. But yes, she gets. Yes. She's on a Gino. She's won her. Yeah. Emmys Goldie gotten gifts gifts. Accepting war. I walked out on stage as Regina king. Take her ward. Look. This woman here, you don't realize that she is one of the great comedians. So yeah. One of the great comedians who whose time it is right now. So thank you for making it this routine. Thanks for making. Who is on his magnificent on his magnificent. But I think oftentimes actors here at more than people who are funny, I know who are funny. And so I just wanted to to say that because funny people often are great drama people black Monday, premiers. On so talk, and you watch it. Check your local listings. Tomorrow kick off your weekend with field with bride on your deal. Is he the Democrats best chance to win back the White House Obama's former housing cheap? Leon Castro is live on the view to lay out his plan to take on Trump in twenty twenty. We are. We are somewhere that you chose to watch us. We're so glad that you chose to join us we want you all have a great day and

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