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A man was beaten and kicked in the head yesterday by i'm not going to call them teenagers by a half dozen people just outside the richmond bart station you're listening to live and local headlines on talk radio 560 ksfl the man who was not identified is expected to survive bar police initially responded to the scene around eleven thirty in the morning officer said they could not locate the attackers who escaped in the surrounding neighborhood and a motive for the assault was not made immediately clear now let's get the official weather forecast from our awardwinning staff meteorologist brought to you by certified heating and air conditioning find them online get dash t e dot com well the nope declare as we like to say the weather bears where we would have started court groups unofficial synoptic liee a rigid high pressure will begin to rebuild over our region over the next several days which literally to warmer weather might leave and say hot weather including the models right now target letter a warming today of two to five degrees for the bay area sotoudeh tied rewarming today other tudor five degree warming or saturday it continued hot weather on sunday so how good look at court today your seventy degrees below the coast with sunny skies this afternoon let's go the aided by the bay started edge into the nineties inland in the bay area this afternoon and then further warming for your saturday and sunday will think triple digits in the warmest it'll locations over the weekend and if you're driving you're in the central bali this week aired by goodness locations temperatures could be approaching one hundred ten degrees ed cook coca.

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