President Trump, Venice Wadeeh, Kitty Watson discussed on Global News Podcast - UN says Hundreds Killed in DR Congo


Well this is a vote that will effectively rewrite the country's constitution now the president has said this has been the only way to try and bring the country back to peace after four months of violent protest but the opposition is basically you're saying the fraudulent assembly that it's just eating away at the democratic system in in venice wadeeh and that's why they being protesting so strongly about is saying this shouldn't be happening if you the the national assembly which is oppositionled we'll be sitting alongside effectively this constituent assembly in the concern is that you know that powers than they will vote new that majority was elected in two thousand fifteen and they will increasingly have limited powers to be able to be able to run the country democratically kitty watson in caracas an investigation is underway into what caused the second five in as many years at one of the world's tallest residential buildings the torch tie in dubai i got more details from our arab affairs analyst alan johnston this fire broke out of the most dangerous time at about a half past midnight when many residents would have been at home and perhaps a sleep images of the blaze shot around the world on social media and they showed the fire lighting up the night sky right in the heart of dubai a great column of flames reaching a high up the side of the building and burning debris falling into the street below a witness living in a towerblock opposite simon by told us what he saw on voter fraud out for the voting was or or.

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