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Because he had been strung along for a long period of time. And so he said, I'm not going to give you the one week extension we need. That can crush me, and by kinda, I mean, it crushed me. And so I looked on the MLS, and I put in seller financing because I was an agent and I had access to the MLS and popped up this 12 clicks that have been on the market for like 560 days and it never went off the market once. So what I do, I call them up. I said, how do you want this written? I wrote it up, and then I bought it. Okay, so it sounds like you were an agent, so you kind of exposed to real estate. That's one thing we should talk about here. And a deal came up in the office that didn't work out, but it's sort of what your appetite and you're like, oh, I wanted that. And instead of just giving up and saying, oh, I guess it wasn't in the cards because life didn't make it easy for me. You went out and did a little bit of research and you just realized, well, I can't get a loan right now because I'm not making a ton of money and I'm not a very good agent and you found a deal where they put seller finance in the MLS and that led to you getting that thing under contracts. That more or less how it worked out. That's exactly how it happened. A couple of things we can take out of that because everyone's like listening to this wondering, how did you do this at 19? Hey, are you putting yourself around real estate? I hear this all the time. People say, hey, should I be an appraiser? Should I be an inspector? Should I be a handyman? I really want to own real estate, but is that a bad mistake? I say no. You need to get in the world. You need to get comfortable with what it's like to be in that space. You don't have to know exactly where you're going to go. So Cody's a perfect representation of someone who just got in that field because you were interested in it. And then the next thing would be when the deal didn't work out. You didn't just say, I guess it wasn't in the cards. That one drives me nuts. I hear so many clients say, well, I guess God doesn't want me to have this property when something comes back that they weren't expecting. As opposed to maybe God wants me to work through this problem, right? Maybe this is an opportunity for me to get stronger or to grow. They look at it not working out as a sign they should quit, which is ridiculous because no one ever lifts a weight and says I guess God doesn't want me to work out because this way feels heavy. I guess fate didn't mean for me to go to work today because my car didn't start, or I got a flat tire. But for some reason with real estate, we do it. So I just love that we're starting off with the right attitude that led to where you eventually ended up. 100%. How did it matter? A lot. People get stuck on the nitty Gritty..

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