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Dr Lisa Freeman, Pandora, Steve Mike Catt discussed on Steve Dale's Pet World


The only radio shelf in the whole family that often advises using toys with santer lil welcome back to see deals hat world talk about how to feed dogs as they get older i mean really do we need to change to those senior diets at what point do you do it and other other chips nutritionally that can be offered especially as the dogs get very very old and we will talk with veterinary nutritionist dr lisa freeman really a word you've got male you can always email your questions i've had world radio dear steve mike catt peas and does in places other than her litter box cheap eased on the laundry as special way and this has been going on now for several years and my patience is wearing thin she does this whenever i'm home or whenever i'm not home it doesn't seem to matter from samantha well in fact the number one most common as question i get his cats thinking outside the litter box now this isn't a new behavior but it's still it's possible that your cat hairs sorta on and off medical issues the prompt the inappropriate piddling so first discussed the problem with your veterinary and there's something called feline inter's visuals diet us or lower a urinary video pathak lower a urinary tract disease or pandora's syndrome all one in the same and it's an explanation sometimes for white cats think outside litterbugs since a painful condition and the cats and sometimes it waxes and wanes it comes and goes so when a cat peace inside the box than it hurts cats sometimes associate that oh church with the litter baths and therefore say i'm not going to use those letterbox and they don't so that that's a possibility but it's something your veterinarian needs to discuss with you if that's the case the number one answer isn't a drug it's enriching the environment.

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