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Face diamond. It's like I have a friend of mine. And she had this day where she just cried all day and just let out this big cry on in the next day. She felt a lot better. I think it's okay to be scared. Right now. You know and to kind of you know embrace that and try ends. I guess figure out who you want to be coming out of this. I think it's almost kind of opportunity at a way to You know whether you're in a job you're clearly happy with Whether you were a personality weren't happy with and now this is kind of a a restart for a lot of people Which thank him Jimmy and interest. It's an interesting time that even in St is so crazy none of us have been through this or I'll just taking it step by step together But I think a lot of people need to embrace it and try and figure out a way you know to help people and to become the prisoner. I want to go. Yeah because as you said like if we break it all down there's one thing that's been very clear through any type of trauma as you said with Teddy bears and the gifts and Calls and also with this with the support is definitely not alone. There's other people out there. that Want to love US and want to be there for us. We just have to be willing to accept it to maybe ask or to reach out to others to do the same. Hey Blake thanks for For sharing all this Thank you for allowing us to kind of probe into a place that I know is a little uncomfortable. An improbably semi Still hard to talk about in has caused a lot of change in your life in the community that you grew up in Let's take a break. Go a drink of water will come back To start talking about you and your love life after the break all.

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