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We continue with the John MacCulloch Show here on FM, 101.5 and AM 1400 Patriot. When do you want to retire? If you've thought about it When do you think you will retire? You bait may be in a position to retire right now. But you don't even know it. If you're 55 a half years old or older. And you don't have clear answers to these retirement questions and others. You need to see my friends over Michigan Retirement group. Because retirement could be a lot closer than you think. The majority of their clients at Michigan Retirement Group require much retire much sooner than they thought possible. Could be you with proper planning from Michigan Retirement group. We'll help you set up a realistic date. Once you know the date, life at work will become a lot easier. When you work with Michigan retirement group, such up with a plan to protect your assets from any economic calamity like the ones we've seen. It'll work because you want to Not because you have to Give him a call. See what I'm talking about. Here is the number 313 The number two Retire. That's 313 The number to retire or you go to Michigan retirement group dot com. That's 313 On number two. Retire now on time, traffic.

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