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He will have the one seed in a by the team of Lord and Miller. Evan longoria. Anthony Mackie since aren't on on a ferris, John legend and Jim Parsons, also make the playoffs. Those teams in that order awesome odd man out looking in. So hopefully next year. We'll come back stronger. You know that I'm keeping it short. Sweet because it's super embarrassing that we didn't make the playoffs. But it's all good though. It's all this part fantasy football. Yeah. Thanks, very Parsons. I'm really happy for him for two reasons. One. My mom loves him says she is like all all she cares. I sent him in. I was like, you know, my mom is happier that you made the playoffs in me. Number two. He has had some bad luck. And a couple of years like things broke his way this time. And so I'm happy for him that he meant playoffs. So good luck to all of them will continue to update that later on in the season as we get more results. But for now, the person in pole position is Zack Ephron let's begin with some of our running back rank conversations and Joe mixing as a player that's defying an I have an agreement on we have met eleventh right now, but it might be more pessimistic. That's right. You have an issue with is something with the match up with Joe mixing are you less confident. Because of what you saw from Jeff Driscoll and the offense last week why so low at twenty three I'm at twenty three. Well, let's start with the good start to Joe Mexicans. I want to give him credit last season. The efficiency was very poor. I we were really concerned about is per per rush efficiency. He's been better this year four point nine. In yards per carry a little bit above average after contact. That's good. The problem is playing time is going the wrong direction. He only edged over Nardin snaps thirty six to twenty seven on Sunday. He had had a huge gap prior to that. In fact, Bernard targeted him eight to two. So what happens if they fall behind in LA this week with Jeff Driscoll at quarterback is it going to be the Bernard show again. And he stuck standing on the bench. That's what it looked like last week. So that's a concern and not to mention that with Driscoll there. Are they going to score touchdowns? I mean, they'd won last week the week before he scored a few against the Browns, but his officiency as a passer has not been good. I've serious concerns about the this offense and their ability to score touchdowns and move the ball down field. So a lot of red flags here for me. I think he's more of a back end or be to this week probably fair. I think I just looked to the workload. That Joe mixon is probably going to see as he will every single week in Cincinnati offense. The charges allowed five running back rushing touchdowns over the past three says noted so that's a that's a good sign right there. They have been a little bit more vulnerable against the run. Of late. But I hear you, Mike. It was a difficult watch for the Bengals on Sunday. There were a lot of really difficult offenses to watch this past weekend. The redskins. The Bengals cardinals are always difficult to watch. The Packers are extremely difficult to watch right now. The Vikings were tough to wash and they score ten points. Judge miami. There's so many I am a buffalo was actually fun because Josh Allen, Don. But besides that there have been a lot of difficult offense to watch this season want to take a quick break before we get into the next running back not a break break. But just to make sure that we update on a bet we had last week. Oh, yeah. Yeah. You'll want. Speaking of the AFC north a stance. Socks bet. Gus edwards. Mike clay and Kyle soppe. He had one side. Oh, gosh. You were so excited. Torri cohen. I thought that was where we I was so excited because I destroyed you and your change right there. Celebrate. Back when yourself. I wanted some cool socks and socks. That's so sucker's. Good right there. Wow. Look at those setting..

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