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Start off by saying. Yeah, I thought it smells funny. I told you that on the air right here the story, right? They've arrested somebody they've charge somebody with the with the gouge your story. You know, what this is all about? This is a couple of different instances on the campus of Gaucho where racist graffiti was written on the walls. Bathroom initially that were short shared by two or three rooms. And those rooms actually all I think had a black students in them. Something smells funny here. Just doesn't some probable, and then there's the second event. And I said again, something smells funny here. Nose was away. Well, Flynn a Yanni or Johnny. Arthur a twenty one year old guy from Brunswick, Maine and was arrested this past Thursday, charged with two counts of militias destruction of property. Oh, yeah. He's black. He was one of the guys in those three rooms. So both in both ends in specific individuals targeted. Feeding a backwards swastika which is I think native American for good luck or something like this, actually. And obviously you have all of the social Justice warriors out on Friday and over the weekend. Immediately after this events with those racist, white people. How dare they do this thing? Now, something smells funny, something smells funny. Now, we don't know exactly what his motivation was. And he's been charged not convicted yet. So again, we have to say the alleged guy, but because of this some black students started the buddy system of walking around in pairs campus of night. The the black student union group there does need only common area on campus for students to gather debrief event. And. So we had to mobilise we were just trying to get an education is really disappointing and draining. My concern is officials will be like we got him. We solve all your problems. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. These are people who are convinced somehow. That when the black guy troubled, obviously rights racist graffiti on the walls that is a clear indication of white racism. So there you have it. I told you smell funny. Actually, I'm sorry. This story on Friday because I thought I'd done a pretty careful search it didn't actually show up. I think until much later in the day. So so. Kind of exciting to know that this was my one time to be right? This year. They finally pulled it in Brazil Baldwin's grabs. Call real quick a very quick with this morning. Good morning griz. Good morning, actually, the swastika native American culture. Signal swirling. The wings comes to north east, south and west. All the women that we some of the the Navajo rugs and someone in the rugs and tapestry for note of Americans that was a shake restrain Bill. They could only be role to be given to cheat or shame or medicine, man. She goes Asian John lane ready. Couple of decades ago. It's good to know. Thanks, passenger lumbers. Appreciate four one zero WCBS eighty little wisdom from the listening audience. All right. Where to start where to start where to start? There's so much. That's happened in the last couple of days. Oh, wait. One more local story near Patterson park near the pagoda. Baltimore police say this is yesterday story. And I I'm looking for the two images. So I can post you can see a noose was found in Patterson park. Pagoda Sunday morning. Offers a recalled, blah, blah, blah. Suming that the picture that I've seen the news. It's not a noose at all. Is a swing hung from a tree that you put one foot in and you swing back and forth. Otherwise, it's a news for somebody who's around two feet tall. Because at that height is not particularly sign of racial hate. There is an inclination in the culture. To certain parts of the culture to look for problems where they do not exist. I don't fault the police for this. Somebody called this in they were called in go look at this news. And the story simple reports that a noose was found. And a man I'll continue to look for the images when we find them oppose them for you. Because I saw then frankly, I I was in the car on my cell phone the opportunity to go and posted at that moment. It's not a nuisance all it's just sometimes you wonder people are so intent on fighting a problem where there is none. Finding discrimination of where there is none in crying wolf about it. And the problem is as soon as real discrimination doesn't get doesn't get acknowledged because we eventually say enough for this enough. So we will eventually dismissed all of it. And that is what's happening right now. All right on the national scene. A lot heaven, obviously, George H W Bush passed away this past weekend. It's interesting. On the Bruce Elliott show page on Facebook, by the way, forty seven hundred members so far. And it continues to grow. I I mean, I just wonder how close we'll get to five thousand by year's end. I mean, it takes what from this roughly ten people are eleven people a day every day this month to get there. Which is certainly something we've seen in the past, but I'm just gratified that so far forty seven hundred listeners, and that is a fraction of what we actually reach every day. We reached tens of thousands of folks in any given broadcast weeks on hoping that if you're not remember, we pushed lots of stuff there's stuff that frankly, some of it. We never have the chance to talk about here on the air because we're only on for three hours, but check it out. But I posted a very briefing noting his passing. There. Please. No hate, right? No hayden. And actually had one guy who was still. Have been suggested as somebody is a member complain about that. That somehow I was feeling his free speech. And people who say that kind of stuff first of all I think they have no idea what the meaning of the first amendment is. In a in a group like the Bruce elite show group on Facebook. Or in any other group? There's certain rules that you accept when you're going in. And this particular case, it was we want to be civil. No hate all right. People have problems with George Bush senior with forty one. All right, fine. I got it. I think on the balance of things he was a slight disciplined to conservatives. But at the same time, he led us into a successful escapade in Kuwait, he oversaw when the Berlin Wall came down. I mean, there's some very positive things that happened on the international stage, and there's never been a president more equipped to deal with international issues. Then George H W Bush was and he was a man of humidity. Unlike frankly, ninety nine out of one hundred politicians. Who are not. Barack Obama runs around all the time. Saying is Mimi Mimi, I difficult speech from that guy. He says his own name or me or I. But once every forty five seconds he can't help himself. It's all about him. And of course, you look I think the guys doing the right thing in office, but Donald Trump has at the same disease. These people aren't humble, and I admire humidity. I think it's a good trait. I think we should emulate that in our daily life. And it is somehow comforting. If if one is a believer to think that George H W Bush is now with his wife and with their three-year-old daughter, Robin who passed away very young obviously and smiling down on all of us. So. A significant man has passed. Well, more on the show later on. And of course, Michael Cohen tailender last week said all right? I lied to congress. I'm a lying liar. Who has lied to congress politicians on both sides of the aisle decided to react to that the Mueller investigation began as the Komi investigation was a counterintelligence investigation that is an investigation into whether Donald Trump and his organization were compromised and now via Michael Cohen. We find out that. Yes, there was compromise. And that puts our country at risk Cohen is in trouble for lying to congress not anything related to the campaign or Russian influence, but we have Muller investigation going on we need to come to completion on that. I worry more about this president interfering with an independent investigation. And what impact that has not only in America? But for the raw law around the world, Mr. Muller needs to be able to complete his investigation without interference going into the summer of two thousand sixteen would have been a relevant factor. Now. It actually Donald Trump was still trying to do business with the Russian government. Maybe that's why he was so reluctant to say anything bad about flat Putin. But we also know at this point is not only were this ongoing business deal, but you had the president's son and his son-in-law meeting with Russians..

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