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San francisco giants now back to the giants postgame show with mardi larry arnn knb are six eighty joey barton that is a name i wanna tell you something joey bard is a first round pick with the giants made he was the second pick in the draft he's a catcher out of georgia tech we got to meet him this week and very very confident young man and you could just tell that he is accomplished a lot in his college career and just in life very well grounded young man and i started talking to and i said boy when this kid is like twenty six or twenty seven you can see that he will be one of the i think one of the stars of baseball if the skills are there and he's a catcher it was one of those kids that as he walked around the park he looks so comfortable and i've made a tradition of interviewing the number one picks a guy i think we go back to gary brown or someone in that area but for joe panic and different ones when they first came in and this guy seems to be the most together getting ready to start his career he's going go down arizona then up to sail them and see what he does there and then maybe they'll move him from there but joey bart had a few minutes with them so i wanted to bring them to you so joey bar joins us joey georgia tech catcher number two pick in the draft what a whirlwind for you got to be out here in san francisco and the bay looking forward to enjoying the game tonight.

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