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Has some some strange negotiating strategy, which doesn't, make any sense to be or or it's. It's all a big, discombobulated massive in terms of Russia policy I don't know it. Doesn't make any sense, it's very schizophrenic on one, hand applaud it which is the actual implementation of the policy on. The other hand I abhor. It when, he says his is not a. Killer I know, for fact that Putin is a killer and. So you actually compare him to Pablo Escobar Yeah he's he's he's, an organized criminal on massive proportions the only difference between Putin. And Escobar is that, Putin has got nuclear weapons. He's a gangster a mafia gangster with nuclear weapons So, what do you. What, do, you hope pin come out of this what. Are you what what is there anything that the US they could happen today. That you would say okay well that was okay Well Trump gets tough on tudent and says that you know you should withdraw. From Ukraine you should you should not bomb many said women and children in Syria that you will be eviscerated if you get involved in. Any kind of political meddling, in the United States or allied countries if you continue to assassinating. People. Using chemical weapons, in our allied countries and we're gonna come down? On you like? A? Ton of bricks if he doesn't say that then then all this stuff is just, completely. Empowering, Putin to do I don't see any of that happening, I see maybe Syria I think he would like to wrap up. Syria but I don't think, he cares about Ukraine unfortunately he was just over in England but That was a little, dicey and I can't imagine him saying that. NATO, is going to get tough on, him If you know if he doesn't stop killing people in in NATO countries but? Do you I mean do you see. What I see is that that there's effectively no upside to the summit it shouldn't. Have happened as only downside I'm waiting with baited breath to see what the any public announcements are. To see you, know to to see how much damage is done and what how the damage can be mitigated it's just it's it's dealing with bladder Putin is like dealing with the mafia. Gangster and and that's not, the the. Tone. That this summit has been approached so far by? By President Trump how does how does Russia's but Putin's Russia and do you think Well Putin is going to see in place for as long as you can there's there's. Not gonna be it's not, gonna retire. To. The Putin presidential library Inches now that's. Not gonna happen what he he has to stay, in place because all this money will be taken away you'll probably. Go to jail, and could even worse things happened in that he's no longer in power and so. He's going to in power until the very bitter end and, you know I I say that the the best comparable is what I call the Mugabe's scenario Mugabe was the president of Zimbabwe for for like thirty years and he. Just stayed and stayed, in state and create created more and more nationalism and more and. More of a best until the currency became worthless kind of us and and and that's. That's Putin's, only only play here and that's what he's, gonna do and the worst the economy gets the more angry and nationalistic guests in the more trouble he's gonna, call him for the rest of the. World and this is a absolute. Villainous, character that needs to be contained and anybody who knows him including some. Very, very good people in. The Trump administration totally agree with me on this Bill I. I wish, you the, best and I pray for you and your and your family that. You stay safe I don't know how I don't know how or why you would travel. Over to, Europe leave the safety of the United States, but we wish you all the best and thanks for being on the program and thank you for being brave, enough to stand up I mean was. There wizar- are you married Bill I am, I don't mind? Talking about my family I just I just wanted to know did you was there ever a time that, you? And your wife or that you just thought. Man I, don't know if I can do this I mean you put up the stakes are..

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