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Six before. I get to the calls. Let me tell you what I was suggested I would suggest that before mellow retires. He tries to land at a spot where he could be utilized affectively. He's clearly on his last leg was last. Rod. But I gotta admit to you. I'd like the of Carmelo Anthony in Philadelphia. If he could come off the bench. I like that idea. I liked the idea Carmelo Anthony. On a six squad. They have absolutely positively no depth whatsoever zero. TJ McConnell is. But they could actually use them. How I think you're starting lineup is going to consist of Butler Rettig Simmons in be and probably Wilson Chandler. Scholar will be there. What him always channel will be in the southern lineup predictable Chandler, so you'll have a scholar TJ McConnell and maybe mellow coming off the bench. I think that's something that could be entertained. Other than that. That's it. It didn't say ESPN inundates ever to ninety seven hundred guy. Make sure asthma man. Jalen rose about that somewhere. Now. We're number two. He's coming on the show to talk to us about these deals. You know, the situation where mellow, and of course, the trade for Butler the Philadelphia for Minnesota bugah McFaul in one of voices on Monday night football supposed to be on with us our number two as well. So I'm looking forward to talking to both of them get to the phones. Let's get to. Let's get to Gus. You live Stephen ESPN radio. It was how are you? Whatever news, Steven how are you? All right, talk to me. I just want to say two things. Do you agree? Yes. Or no the biggest bus so far the NFL been the Jag and the giant and the biggest surprises so far been the chiefs and the chargers..

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