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Aired On Tuesday, May 26, 1 PM, On WBT Charlotte News Talk.


Is a major issue regarding the integrity of our voting in our country in our state in an up and our region so it's proven to be the case and that's coming from someone who lost a very close elections and we had college students use their parking lot as their address devote levy that wakes me up a few nights or voters are ballots have to be protected nine twenty eight on W. A. T. E. back to the news center now and Steve count so the chair of the Republican National Committee is backing president trump on his demand for an answer from North Carolina governor Roy Cooper on whether the Republican presidential nominating convention will be able to take place in Charlotte in late August as originally planned we went to North Carolina the president loves North Carolina it's just the governor and he's got to work with us you know every state we talked to is saying we want to nominate the president here they're so excited to have that but this governors up for re election he has given us the assurances we need we need to be able to move forward on again you made those comments on fox and friends this morning RNC spokesperson Liz Harrington says it's not about vanity for the president but about the planning it takes for people from across the country to get here and for the venue to be properly set up takes months to plan an event like this and we already have staff on the ground there and the fact remains we need assurances from governor Cooper that we can hold this event I was planning to expect other Cooper to address the issue today he has a press conference set for three o'clock this afternoon with his corona virus task force the president trump and presumptive democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden marked Memorial Day Monday in separate ceremonies the president visited Arlington National Cemetery and fort McHenry in Baltimore corona virus pandemic was unmistakable even as president trump paid honored a fallen service members on Memorial Day in recent months our nation and the world have been engaged in a new form of battle against an invisible enemy former vice president Joe Biden wore a face mask is Tina's wife laid a wreath at a veteran's park near his Wilmington Delaware home.

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