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Dominic Brazil aspirin. I didn't go see him. He's sick. So it'd be called. But we have any word he'll tell you hit me to be hit anybody can go. And on this particular town, we have bad blood against each other. Is it can kill the man and get paid for any time? Someone. What did he really say that? Yes. Prediction. Pain if he dies he dies. Okay downtown. Exactly. Met said. It's his legal. Right. Kill man. Get away with it. He's talking he's talking about grimy grimy stuff. All right. Listen I watched the fight. I was really disappointed with the draw that he had with fury. That's just that was such a brutal bolt blow to the sport of boxing. I thought I wanted to see a decent fight. Well what it was the first heavyweight fight on American soil first American pay-per-view heavyweight fights since two thousand four ridiculous. I mean that's the problem with box, and we don't have a huge American bucking superstar. Hopefully, Dante wilder. It's it's the heavyweight division. Exactly always been here in America. Always been. I mean it's when was the head, what was Jiang's hop on here? Please for the last three minutes. The last. A b? That it, I mean, does that the last time once you've done a great, I once you've reached Nicole nineties, heavyweights nineties, heavyweights Lennox Lewis Lennox Lewis Heison. Douglas George got his over more. So was that the last decade where the heavyweights were relevant? Well, the starting in the early two thousands now we're talking about. Chris byrd. We're talking about guys like that goes quits goes are brilliant, but they ever ever put the rock show on. No. Everyone was really bored with Klitschko fight, especially if the had they been Americans, it would have to think so. Oh, yeah. Big giant white guys from Ukraine. So it didn't really translate over here. Did it? I don't know. Man, I think there's boxing is so much more than just massive heavyweights knocking each other silly, they really do. Oh, chanko Roman owes one of the best fighters I've ever seen how he angles off from the side of the head. Winokur with pongy the guys he doesn't get hit. And then he hits with authority brutal. There's just so much more to offer. I don't know. I think Deontay wilder is very good champion, and I really enjoy him Joyce fights. But. It's dire straits right now, boxes, very interesting position. I mean, I don't know it's going to I don't even know what it would take to get boxing on the level that I think it should be or that it was what's on. I don't know if it's ever going.

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