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Wcbs weather center cloudy with some rain and drizzle at times early this morning lows sixty three mostly cloudy later today with a couple of showers and a thunderstorm high seventy three a shower or two saturday night low sixty eight sunday very warm and humid with some sunshine and a shower thunderstorm around during the afternoon and evening sunday eightyseven monday partly sunny breezy not as warm endless humid high eighty one i'm meteorologist michael simeone wcbs weather center sixty four and breezy point it's sixty four in basking ridge also sixty four out in freeport we've got a heavy rain fog miss type thing going on right now in central park sixty three degrees ninety three percent humidity so it is certainly human out there w cbs news time twelve thirty more than just the headlines this is new york's newsradio cbs news radio eight eighty thousands of migrant children remain in detention even after president trump's executive order reversing the separation of families policy this week cell phone data can't be used to track a criminal suspect unless police get a search warrant that's according to a supreme court decision friday the accused manhattan bike path attacker was in court friday sipe sipe defended the islamic state he pleaded not guilty to charges in new jersey now have to be at least eighteen to get married governor murphy says the new marriage law puts an end to child marriages and helps young women in sports yankees lost to the raise two to one the mets fell at home to los angeles five to it is sixty three degrees and cloudy on this saturday june twenty third good morning i'm mac rosenberg w cbs news time twelve thirty one cbs news update one will thousands of separated illegal immigrant families be reunited how many and how and where questions much of the federal government scrambling to answer after president trump's big policy shift in reaction to pictures and audio of crying babies correspondent mary of al now this is all about space yes immigration customs enforcement says that they can keep families together but the question is where do you put them we do know that is put out oppose asking for fifteen thousand beds and the pentagon has responded say they have up to twenty thousand beds available for migrants at several military bases in both texas and in oklahoma some democrats senators visited temporary tent city connecticut senator richard blumenthal and if you're sensitive humanity is not deeply offended it is costing you as taxpayers two thousand dollars a day for every one of those young people cbs news update on i'm tom foty it's twelve thirty two a wcbs are still thousands of children who haven't seen their parents in weeks wcbs reporter steve burns has more on several who are in elizabeth new jersey speaking with faith leaders here outside of federal detention center new jersey senator bob menendez says things just keep getting worse in the trump administration's immigration policy today we come together to say there is no way to justify such profound injustice the president's latest executive order he says does not end the detention of people seeking asylum of keeping children out of the tension is to put entire families detention that is not a solution now he wants answers from the federal government as to how it plans to reunify families for kids that may be too young to even say their own name menendez says he hopes the federal government kept identifying records in elizabeth steve burns wcbs newsradio eight eighty at twelve.

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