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You know and i just i also i'm an extrovert i like people around i feed off of people's energies a lot and so podcasting is really great for that because i get to connect with a lot of people around the world in a really interesting way that i would never you know some of my best friends now where people who i would have never met if this podcast didn't exist yeah that is kind of crazy even just just the internet in general being able to connect so many people from all over the place is such a crazy concept in recent times like growing up and being able to talk to people from other countries and now having a podcast that you know i look at the map of the people who listen to this podcast and it's like people from africa people from south america people from croatia like like i don't like i interacted yeah yeah and in the fact that i talk about the bachelor which is just like the most ridiculous thing on earth is that like i'm best known for talking about the bachelor like that is that is such a crazy concept to me in that people actually want to tune in and listen to me talk about the bachelor because when i first started watching tweet it in people in my life for like you need to stop tweeting about this like no one cares yeah but i don't care it's fun and now it's like people if i don't tweet about the bachelor people are like are you okay later you there what's going on.

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