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It distracts the hell outta me. It's distracting as Christie Mets is in. This is us. I can look at it. What's even weirder? Is that Sasha baron Cohen who was attached to that script to play, Freddie? Mercury for six years was sitting so close to queen's Brian May and those two fought and argued as that project fell apart with Sasha baron Cohen as the lead. Sasser said he hoped to present awards and all view of Freddie, mercury's hedonistic lifestyle. That's when he was going around talking about the project, but you know, Brian May and other people in the band. Didn't find him. Bright. Didn't find Sasha baron Cohen right for the part. And that's when things started getting shitty. You know, a lot of the bandmates were more concerned with protecting the band's legacy. Put it that way. While Sasha baron Cohen wanted to really get into freddy's lifestyle Sasha baron Cohen was upset back in the day when they were making this because Brian May said to him this is gonna be a really great movie because it's got an amazing thing that happens in the middle and Sasha baron Cohen said what happens in the middle. And Brian May said, you know, FREDDY dies, and Barron Collins have well, what happens in the second half of the movie, and Brian May said, well, we see how the band carries on from strength strength. And Colin goes, listen, not one person's going to see a movie with a lead character dies from aids. And then you see how the ban carries on. And I agree with them. There are amazing stories about Freddie, Mercury. The guy was wild. There stories of little people walking around parties with plates cocaine on their heads, you know, but Brian. May particularly didn't want those stories told they wanted to protect their legacy as a ban and to his credit Sasha baron Cohen said Brian as a great musician, but is not a great movie producer and Cohen knows his way around a movie said even introduced them to high profile filmmakers, like Tom Hooper and David fincher as possible directors during their six years together working on the project, but those options didn't work out. Instead, they went with drummer. Please pedophile Bryan singer who if you noticed wasn't mentioned or thanked in Romney Malik speech when he won the Golden Globe. And by the way, Romney Malik. Look look Titus fuck that night. Let me just leave leave that there. But he didn't look straight at all didn't sound straight either. But anyhow that happens during award season. But when Sasha baron Cohen left the project and twenty thirteen there were reports that recreated differences with clean and the band drummer. Roger Taylor latest said that Barron. Combe was let go because the surviving members of the band didn't want the film to be a joke. And they said Sasha baron cones to recognizable to play, Freddie. Mercury. He also called Cohen an asshole. I'm on record saying Sasha baron Cohen. But it'd been a much better. Freddie mercury. But the proof is in the pudding since Rummy Malik one and the movie one, but there's no way it will win any Oscars not one. And by the way, as many of you know, if you don't know, you should know now, many people many studios, literally pay the the board of the the golden glove the farm the foreign critics they get paid to win these awards. It's just that simple. Okay. So always remember there's money changing hands when some people win awards. Let me thank my tippy top might criminal crop might top the paps. Allie chichi Traian net Mahoney. Cross Angelique Keller Audra fortune the three CS crisslow von g lease Chris Lewis and Chris star, Debbie Anderson, George Kansas, the two Kathryn speed and Stewart Kellyanne Ozzy poor Mattie Valentinus, Melanie Howell, Melissa spiritual. Nicole Patterson, Patricia Markel, Ryan Wolfe. Sarah, Sisley Galloway Todd brand and Wendy McAfee. Thank you guys for hanging on waiting to get that correct list. Finally, but it will stay correct from here on it. And by the way, was watching clips the Kevin Spacey Trump now, you know, I feel about the Kevin Spacey situation. I don't think he'll be found guilty here. I'm almost positive. He will not. And I told you last week that I was curious why the prosecution hired the lawyer Mitchell Garabedian a man known for going after huge settlements for sexual assault. Victims of the clergy Garabedian is known to get huge settlements from the church. Well, he was known for that..

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