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Were they hard done absolutely. Not if they were the. They made themselves their own worst enemy. Where if you tell me that they put that same energy towards a productive. Second half where they had keep everybody on the pitch which is a huge question. I mean you almost felt like every orlando match going into the match. The chances of them going going leaving the match with eleven men was low. Like that's just how revved up. They were and what they needed more than anything was somebody to say. Hey calm down as red card. It's a rash challenge. Let's move on. Let's go forward with the ball. And you know who you're i'm looking to in that position. Oh european champion You know Champions league champion noni he and he was the one of anyone that was going the most crazy but changes jacked up from the first half. He's but he's raised that way right and this is exactly what i'm talking about being on that hedge and being on that line because there are times where we've seen in almost back where he's willing his teammates on and channeling into a really productive way and he's a fighter and he wants everyone to bring the same but there are times where that experience. I just kept waiting for that experience to come. And someone's be like. Hey where in this were down to one. We're at home. We're in the heat. We've got the second half owing less. Push on and find a moment to win and that moment just never came and they orlando consistently in the playoffs for their own worst enemy and showed some inexperience In the wrong time. And when you're going against side you just felt like okay. Cassava szabo's going to hurt you at the end and just ice this match that ended up happening and that was it. But i just can't help. But i wanted to see orlando continue with everybody because i felt like they could. They could have gotten not only the equalizer but but potentially the winner. I think this team is good enough to do that. A. bring on the depth visas and they just never gave themselves a chance. Benign misses a pico to. I'd just the right way to say matt. Turner saves ninety. Pk but that. That was an opportunity to go back to two didn't happen another one forum and once was saved it was over like even 'cause they went man down then they drew the penalty. One fat bogged saved. I don't think orlando had another opportunity. Everyone knew that was your shot. That was your opportune. They weren't going to get back in it and to kaelin point. It's a little upsetting. I would even say though..

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