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And Jon Gruden has corona virus. It all. All Time. Football guy. Move Jon Gruden. Expect the unexpected guys, and he holds the zoom meeting and he has I think it was a special teams coach announces at the start coach Gruden is in the hospital. He's dealing with corona virus and all his players were like Oh my God. What the fuck? Just kidding. Gotcha not but take this seriously let's all learn a lesson from this. Lesson sunk in. Yeah. Your first clue that Jon Gruden was not in the hospital for Corona virus. I don't think Jon Gruden would ever go to hospital never anything. Now if he had corona virus, he would just stand out like in the sun naked and just stare up at it until he felt better or he just died or he would I actually wouldn't be shocked if Jon Gruden like went back in time to like the nineteen twenties and had a doctor on call who came to his house. Here you go dock he Jon Gruden neither do what you just said and be like I'm going to alphabet or he would lay down in his bed and be like this is my final resting place. Please get my papers in order. He's laid out of the fifty yard line and they have have Mark Davis walkout there with that black leather suitcase that time doctors you just carry with a giant metal reflecting thing the circular thing on his head walkout out there taking vitals pronounce him dead Barry Midfield in Las Vegas I. think that would be a fitting fitting into Mr. What this does tell me though is the Jon Gruden. Zero Point zero percent chance that he actually ever does get coronavirus because if you fake you have krona virus yeah. People are going to bash you and make fun of you when you actually do get corona virus but John, Gruden's like, no I feel confident that I will never get chronic football guy who cried wolf. Into Yeah I think you actually.

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