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Is about whose side government is on get it this way when I was a girl my dad had a heart attack my mom had to go to work to be able to save our house and she did she walked over to the Sears got herself a minimum wage job at a time when a minimum wage job would support a family of three would pay a mortgage would cover the utilities I would put food on the table today a minimum wage job in America will not keep a mom and a baby out of poverty that is wrong and that is why I'm in this five noon in Arlington Virginia last night of difference that kind of difference didn't just happen because a gravity I'll tell you why that differences in the minimum wage is for because when I was a girl the question asked in Washington is what is it take a family of three to survive in America what is it takes a family of three together told in America's middle class what does it take a family of three to have some solid that they can build on today the question asked in Washington is where we step the minimum wage to maximize profits for giant multinational corporations I don't want a government that works for giant multinational corporations I want one that works the fight of my life are you have watched year after year after year as families incomes have flattened out as people have worked harder and harder everybody at work people working two jobs all on and on and on while expenses shoot through the roof housing healthcare childcare the calls to get an education we have an America that is working better and better and better if you're born into privilege but it is not working for the rest of us in twenty twenty is our time to change that in this for a long long time but I got to tell you the real shocker for me was when I actually got cold in the government into this this isn't something I never planned on I figured you'd almost stay in your room and do the research on talk about what's happening what's happening to our families what's happening to people of color what's happening to seniors what's happening to young people but during the financial crash I got a call to come in and try to put some accountability in place.

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