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Next year's draft each and every week on Tuesdays, we typically release that. Then we have not one but two fantasy feast podcast with Evan syllable from rota world is fantasy season baby. That's what August is all about. And then of course, legalized sports betting on NFL games. The first game is Thursday night. Stephen, I will talk about that this week, preseason bedding. He usually does pretty well with it. A give you hint has a lot to do with motivation and a lot to do with the backup quarterback. So it would allow states getting this legalized sports betting. If you wanna make things a little more. Interesting, make sure you're listening to even money podcast. And of course we'll have a couple more Ross Tucker football podcast for you this week as well. There's a couple of things that we do to try to grow the show to new listeners such as incentivize you guys to spread the word via social media. We love when you do. I know a lot of you just do it out of the goodness of your heart, which is great, but there's a lot that don't. So we want to give you something I want to send you something in the mail. I get some awesome signed cards. Some awesome pictures. I'll personalise it to you. All right, wherever you want me to write on it. You tell me I'm personalization extraordinaire. So all you gotta do is re tweet Brian at RTF podcast, the networks Twitter handle or me at Ross Tucker, NFL when we post the show or like it on Facebook, Facebook dot com, slash Ross Tucker, NFL that all really helps. And then also the sponsor confirmation, Email, winter, the sponsors kind of make things go. And you guys make them go by taking advantage of their awesome. Awesome deals. Like I mentioned, just using the code. Sucker on the key gap or seek dot com. Very, very helpful. And you might win all something something. In fact, anybody takes advantage of any sponsors between now and September. I automatically gets a free month over at tuck heads dot com..

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