Rubber Muller, Moller, Mr Moeller discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)


So much can happen in a hurry here was former trump campaign staffers sam nunn berg last month giving special counsel rubber muller's team uh what amounted to a great review on yelp what i would say one is the taxpayer is getting their buddies worth they were highly professional moller's invest muller's investigators say dean call be ingested check a box everything they asked me it was backed up i can't get into the i can't i don't wanna get into it to give away their investigation what i would say is or was it a waste of our by timer their time i was happy to cooperate with that as i told you on this show i'm very talented happy to cooperate very talented try the veal reserve your table early that was then this is today are you worried about getting arrested i think it would be funny if they arrested me you can go to jail not going to send me to jail you don't want mr moeller if he wants to send me to jail he could send me to jail and then and then a laugh about it i don't make a bigger spectacle that i am on your tv show where he lost how do you really judge the size of a spectacle what happened between happy to cooperate there so talented and let him come and get me it'll be funny of and i go to jail what happened between those two things is that same number got served with a subpoena from the very talented special counsel and his team a subpoena demanding that he hand over documents text messages telegrams magnetic tape emails everything dating back to november 2015 and there was a list of ten separate members of the trump campaign including the president who's communications the special council wanted to see now samnam number says that he's been told directed by the subpoena that she you should appear before the grand jury this week on friday but then all day long today and into tonight them number some number has been unraveling in slow motion on national television uh doing interview after interview after interview brandishing that subpoena that he got and saying that he will defy it at times mr nunber did seem a little unhinged reporters today openly speculated that he might have been day.

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