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Well, we've got trouble south of the city here, Ben, this is 1 28 South bound That's jam from Rue one and dead him right down into Canton a little over two miles. It's a pretty bad crash right on that exit for 95 south. So that's the issue south of the city here Elsewhere. Things aren't so bad. Let's see all the expressways doing. Let's go up to the WBC news radio traffic copter. Well, I'm not one hand. It looks like things about cleared out here on the expressway south of But now we got a truck in a car off to the right right. If they offer him to mass have this could be a new crash. So that's not good news on then. After that, you do get a lot of running room before you hit. The next delay, which is down around the Braintree split. Kristen that could the WBC news radio traffic copter Now square things were pretty good with three South bound is clear all the way down pass through 53 24 clear all the way down past 4 95 eventually into Taunton. Now up to the north. Highways are pretty quiet, including 1 28 really Nothing in your way from won't them all the way into Beverly this afternoon, Roots three and 93 both behaving themselves. Route One is clear. A pastor Lynnfield Tunnel. Downtown. A little backup on Storrow Drive coming in to Lefferts Circle. Sure, the Leverett up ramp is slow As usual. The lower deck of 93 is good. So is the Tobin Bridge to Sumner Tunnel and the Mass Turnpike is clear out through Natick and graft in today, my king WBC's traffic on the three. Now we get a check of the four day WBC AccuWeather forecast. Here's Brian Cloudy sky Tonight into tomorrow morning, There will be a little bit of snow it signs which may leave a fresh covering in sponsor near the coastal low down to 29..

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