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Today. For. The first time and the actions wild to say the least Mercedes tickets third one to the season with Lewis Hamilton. Ahead of House we bought us. Hasn't even come close to telling the story of race was impact red flag twice and featured three standing grit starts at first posted to how much was slow away what has powered into the label mattress stop and not nearly fast in before he's recused suddenly power and job. And in fact, he got back so far. We got entangled in shunt by Guiseley Kennedy like an umbrella mind grown getting together at turn to which push tapping out I led to an immediate safety car. We've call a science genia spinning in the back of the head of the crash of contact with Lance. Stroke. At, the result what I didn't accelerate until they weeks to start finish line and as he gets the PAT. Behind erupted in chaos Nicholas Latifi Kevin Magnussen Jeevan science eliminated in a frightening accident opposite the pits. Out Red flight one and to a long delay at the second start with the team eighty on some mediums breaks fully on fire. But this didn't stop him shooting off the line and stealing I back around the outside its home. One Santa that followed thirty four laps of normal racing with Batas. Generally drifted Hamilton for leasing a heap of time before he's only green flag stop on lap thirty, one, fifty, nine as he suffered severe vibrations on these medium size Mercedes. Could how wanted into shortly afterwards saying it at stop what ask for safety reasons and he looked in command upfront until the race was halted again. Racing Points Lonestar Straw taking third off to the second start from Charles. It would how it on for nine laps for going backwards from P. Three in a series of simple policies as he struggled for power grids Ferrari. Stroke came under pressure from Brennan Daniel Ricardo Undercut the the ninety stop as rice came to an abrupt end shortly afterwards shocking one say when he crashed heavily Arabiya Yata to following a suspected puncture on after another lengthy stint at the drive is being they caused them roaming around the pit lane. There was a third standing saw this time Hamilton had no dramas and clear at the starwood thirteen. Dash to the flag. But what has was slow a am Ricardo jumped ahead of the line although the Mercedes quick back to second on the following to the second red flag had e- mounting tensions at Mercedes about tires and how much am Batas exchange fastest laps over the remaining tours where has never let let mounting an attack and how it's in came home today 'cause ninetieth f one win with. Two bigs. third-place went to a delighted album. He lost positions at the final star but back to deprive. Ricardo his first renai podium, which in turn gave album his first F one washroom visit. He came the position with another boat around the outside past. But this time it came off. So Jay Perez v headed. Blando Daniel via a finished behind rocket fiber was elevated by the outfit penalty for crossing the entries the pit lane too. Late when the safety car was called for Stroz Crash Sebastian investable held of George Russell who took the starting ninth and had looked to have rather in his pocket before joining back when the lights went out and battle ended up ten the head of the Williams with that from the track and our AIRBNB near Borgo San Lorenzo to discuss that on zone. Always I suppose FM reporter and GP racy inject you've editor. Stuart. Coddling. Now look. I'M GONNA. Come to you I all year. Pleased I asked you to write your choice on race support for that particular race. Delighted you mess with me this morning and said Oh. Let's try the workflow little. Maybe you give the race for Governor Talk. Show. That can happen I mean live not written fm race your pulse saying it's November I wanNA say south might be a little bit rusty La is very smooth, very easy rights and then that happened and I think it was when we had the first Red Flag The guy I'm ready sorry about this light of all the rice is back on yeah it was it was a crazy ice dramatic. Very bright interesting one econoline don't WANNA pre right too early and I think I was just instinct right? I think we got the result pretty much set and then we had lost draws crashed another red flag and everything was turned on its head over again But yeah, golden era in the end filed it quickly I was quite happy with it for a first attempt back. Yet. Really interesting trying over encapsulate while a dramatic rise in a really exciting one once again, I just was so much, Guy, GonNa so much to pack in a to the writer. So yeah, I guess. Thank you for that Alex Suzy a good opportunity. If a little stressful at times. Hey, Clint. Will I'm glad to us or as a good learning opportunity I thought I was going to give you quite always 'cause I didn't expect. That's be any ever take I think when we we look into the race there wasn't really wasn't all that much. So it was just some opposition that got overtaken going in the wrong direction I think that was the majority of people taking in that race, oh yeah. Ancient see how it played out. But yeah, I was just curious to see how I would be following things. We didn't ever a website reports to compose and actually I did exactly the same things thumper. This year which take notes basically every lap. It was it was very familiar familiar. Resume there in terms of the way, I did that coddling. How was everything in the Lord Heseltine Theater what is quite traumatic? Wasn't a cintas spend an awful lot of time committing acts of piracy by rewinding and recording stuff and sending a video snippets. So we could try and decode various things that went on in the rice it was one of those races were. Spice. In in terms of rice ripostes harsh, it's very hard to write a report about race like an string together a narrative because it basically a series of things that happened. an an that wasn't really a backing narrative because it kept stopping. Say you had. A race that seemed to be carrying on, and then it had to stop and then it restarted again and then boom that was bunk, and then we ended up with this thirteen lap sprint to the end where actually tactically that was no strategy to it that there was there was very little strategically to chew over in this grand. Prix because. By the final restart. On the sets of ties that probably used by eight times before. Fortunately there.

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