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Listen to radio dot com hi Maria Garcia no touching no touching with your nose your mouth your ice I asked the people from now on to the elbow bump not even the fist bump the album that's the advice to residents from Connecticut's public health commissioner Dr Renee Coleman Mitchell the state still has no cases of corona virus but she says community transmission is still a big risk and hygiene is of utmost importance meanwhile a cruise ship is still being held off the coast of California CBS news correspondent Danya Bacchus reports passengers aboard the grand princess cruise ship are in a holding pattern we are not sick merger how do you Monica actors one of the thirty five hundred aboard waiting off the coast of San Francisco and wondering if she'll be tested next after twenty one people on the ship came up positive for the corona virus we really don't know much we're just sitting here listening to the reports when the captain goes on coastguard crews dropped off supplies in vice president pence said tester coming the U. S. is dealing with at least four hundred and fifty eight cases of coronavirus nineteen people are reported to have died from the virus so far meanwhile businesses are starting to hurt over coronavirus fears art Hogan is the chief market strategist at national securities I would suspect this is a type of recession that recovers quickly too because once we get beyond this a bit and the news flow gets even slightly more positive you're going to see of the recovery in economic activity those things that have just delayed consumption will come back people start traveling again people start living their lives again we have been going to events the market closed down on Friday as a virus uncertainty continues in Britain Harry and Meghan returned to London this weekend for some of their final public appearances before stepping back from royal duties this royal followers says the changes are pretty rough I understand that they want to have the rain I mean life in and explore new opportunities to be happy I think save it's a shame for us in the royal family but I think they have the right to be happy as.

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