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Welcome to green connections where we help you live green or green and earn green i'm john michaelson find us online on green connections radiocom annan talkers radio network like us on facebook and follow me on twitter john michaelson who is helping you live green work rain earned green we want to hear your ideas for the people that are catching your attention as we face all this extreme weather no matter where you live and the natural disasters and destruction that often accompany them it's important to talk about what cities are doing to have a more resilient infrastructure is your community falling apart from a big storm remember the images of hurricane sandy these disasters have prompted city officials to take action to protect their cities better and make them more resilient we're communities can get back on their feet much more quickly we all want that one person who is on the cutting edge of helping cities with this planning is car reeve who leads the climatesmart communities program at the national wildlife federation i sat down with kara at the national council for science in the environment conference this week about what cities are doing let's listen to my conversation with karmi caro first of all you lear climate smarts programme sounded really fascinating and i'm wondering if you could give us a short description of what that is and how it can benefit cities sure so climatesmart communities program at national wildlife federation as focused on working was cities and towns across the country to help them identify what we call naturebased approaches to help them prepare for and respond to the impacts of climate change and so an example of a naturebased approach would be mean coastal areas we know that sea level rise and storm surge in coastal flooding is already happening and that you know we will it be experiencing those impacts into the future and so naturebased approach would be to think about the vulnerability of coastal wetlands try to enhance them and restore them and and even think about how they might migrate inland and make sure that were allowing further managed to retreat how much to these cost howard.

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