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That's true. I think it'd sad party is that we shoot for an hour trickles quick goals mother is such a lovely and trickles trickles son. Little trickles is a very promising. Young cloud dog drip. I love. Their dog loved uncle cascade. Could you pass the potatoes. Excellent family they have all right. Okay this is from jodi. they just signed jody. Mister rogers neighborhood for potty mouthed adults there is a mister rogers neighborhood feel about. I take exception to the phrase potty mouthed because i don't really know what it means it means that we say words like fuck and we talk about putting up our bud and stuff okay. Well with the cookies up the but there is some so. If you're on a toilet assume they're referring to a toilet then yes you know you would poop or pee on the toilet. That will be completely appropriate. Okay who fucks toyo. You haven't lived but this happened. When i say fuck i'm not referring to sex to me. I don't know it's just a word. Yeah it's helpful. it's very well. jody. I liked the description. Thank you jody. I love mister rogers neighborhood. If the fucker would just curse a little more fun absolutely. Yeah mister rogers neighborhood way comes in and he goes hold on. I gotta put on my fucking sweater. I love that show. I love that show. It's a beautiful day in the goddamn neighborhood. You're mr rogers. Sound so much like the first george bush. I can't even tell you george bush. The first bush sounded like mister rogers. I'm going to take that as a compliment. Yes he did it with the same person. In fact tony move on what was on on. I would like to save bonnie burns. You are invited to my home body. What are you oh i see. I'll tell you that. Bring your own okay. So last one is from michael factory from arlington massachusetts. The most useful nonsense. You can find anywhere. A veritable galadima free of expert. Knowledge and pekan bat is is in her fantastic. Yeah i think that nails it absolutely. I mean these have all been such excellent descriptions. Thank you so much. Absolutely but michael thackery. Not only did you throw in a couple of great vocabulary words there with the gamma free and Bat and all that useful nonsense is great phrase for us. Yeah that is a great france for us I'm in charge of the useful right. That is true poundstone. Hey speaking of being in charge paula. Do you want to pick a winner. We can send a tend to thomas coin coin to should we are. Should we send thomas coin to all of them. Excellent but you know what lizards. If you're out there if you want to just come over to tony anita holes place and get those thomas coins. Mail them out to the listeners who contributed to this segment. It's kind of at least you could do. Wouldn't you say that's too much to ask. If i really ban you know. I mean you already know that tony's not great at mailing stuff and see this. I got bonny's package back. You simponi a package. Yeah i sent bonnie me a package. And i didn't put enough postage on. It is returned to me. You are a repeat offender on this under postage ing. I'm waiting at the post office stamps. it's not my fault. What is trickles last name the clown trickster schools just goes you're gonna have to email back and find out well for that matter we don't know jody's last name either. You can't just address something to jodi. Well we're gonna find out your addresses and we're gonna mail you those thomas coins and you're not gonna get him because tony is gonna fuck them up but it's the thought there's absolutely no reason why. Michael zachary from arlington couldn't go tony house. An and mail those pack. You know. i don't know why he wouldn't. It's kind of at least he could do. I don't think it's a lot to ask michael from arlington massachusetts. Okay well that was fun. Hey nobody's if you have questions or comments or you just want to contribute something for once did that. Nobody listens to boil it down at gmail.com. Hey paula what's going on with your poundstone product empire this week at imposed. Don't industries also known as lipstick. Nancy inc has an almost internal. Gps toward success recalculating my remarkably soft tripod shirts with the self on the left breast in the memorable quote on the back. Come and baseball end. Standard style are the rage for the vaccinated summer. They're available at pope. Poundstone dot com. Click on the store tab and if listeners go to cameo dot com slash polyp e three three that's cameo dot com slash paula p. Three three taken order a personal message. Which i will make for their friend loved one or annoying neighbor. Besides which. I'm going to be in boone. North carolina on july third for two shows at the appalachian summer festival at the center for the performing arts and on july fifteenth in soggy took michigan at the saga took center for the arts rescheduled dates. A new dates are continually being added. Who keep up. The dates are added to the tour page at paula. Poundstone dot com when they go on sale. Wow well that's a lot of stuff. I have one thing which is kind of a new thing and an exciting thing. Remember my sports simulcasts with jeff cesario where we do we cover games. Well we're back and we've moved to a new platform and i'll tell you why mike h. T. m. i c. Download the app. It's free paula. Here's what's amazing about it if you turn on hot mic and go to being jeff's broadcasts when we're broadcasting games comedy simulcasting. The app will sink us up with your tv or you. ooh so. if you're watching on you know there's always a problem because somebody's watching satellite. Somebody's watching on the internet. There are delays of up to thirty seconds but the hot mic actually adapts to that. Oh that's great. Check out our website and our facebook page more notices about that. It's like magic. We just did an nba game last week and it was all our fans were able to text chat with us while we were broadcasting and they were seeing the image that we were seeing at the same time. It was awesome. Wow i love that. That's subscribe to this podcast. It's free you get it every week at no charge if there is a subject or topic that you'd like to know about tell us that's nobody listens to paula poundstone gmail.com. That's our show everybody. Nobody listens to paula poundstone. It's hosted by paula. Poundstone and yours. Truly adam l. felber special thanks to our guest. Jane lynch thanks to our house. Ben jackson keith was produced by paula. Poundstone adam felber bonnie burns. Ken lists ethnic and tony. Anita hill intern carly patrol starbucks production by land romo and sam done walled transcription services. For the show provided by transcribe me a premier international used transcription service use code paula. Poundstone placing your order at transcribe me dot com th receive an expedited service. That's for tonight. Wait i have something to say. Amy senator cobra show. I'll do. I think you still looking for people to sing that song. Laura ver- home. Thank you anybody who played oliver in a school or children's production of the musical oliver that can record themselves singing the who will buy song just a clip of it. You don't have to sing the whole song and send it to us. We would love to hear such uplifting music and b. i do have a bet with adam that at least two of our listeners played oliver. Yeah no cheating everybody. If you didn't play oliver in a bona fide production of oliver twist. We don't want your who will buy as uplifting though it is yeah. The criteria here is is strict. All right paula. Is that our show for tonight. You know i would add more but as you know. Heidi that's our show for tonight. Well somebody please listen to me. Wonder if she thinks garbage in garbage cooking. God i have got to get tony's for garbage cookie sale. A used kleenex is are there. Are there coffee grounds in the garbage. This coffee flavored cupcake. Oh that reminds me. Be very careful with those cupcakes. They should be delivered like in the next couple of days. A harpoon shaped cupcakes to celebrate on our completion of reading mogueh. That's my question using dr shape for well very unique atom very very. Naturally my cupcakes would also be quake and sticking scripture expensive time..

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