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Has helped about a thousand of those families Z. on font size speed demons be warned state troopers will be out in force over the long weekend looking for drivers with the pedal to the metal trooper Rick Johnson tells come all that in the months between April fifteenth and may fifteenth just last year they arrested seven people for reckless driving which generally involves excessive speed and endangering other drivers this year we have arrested twenty eight drivers yes four times as many as last year Justin king county twenty two hundred drivers were pulled over for speeding during the same one month period with many drivers speeding going well over one hundred miles an hour come on news time now one thirty four it's time for an update on track and in general it's a relatively easy day to continue driving around no that the north west but we do have a couple of things to keep in mind obviously it is the date that many people would normally get away for their holiday weekend we're seeing some slow traffic in Lakewood on five twelve west bound between steel street and I five and there is fire response in Olympia slowing down traffic on Henderson Boulevard southeast both northbound and southbound right at plum street fire units are still there so that's the reason for that slow down and state route two oh three still alternating traffic around northeast still water hill road in the carnation area as far as blocking incidents around the Seattle area that kind of does it there are some construction closures though on I. five southbound the on ramp from south two hundred the ramp is partially blocked for some maintenance now the couple eco roof forecasts and here's meteorologist Kristen Clark expecting a dry afternoon for most backyards the exception.

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