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That we're spending quarantine will come out of it with ideas of artistic expression that we didn't have before I just hoping imagining that Oliver Greatest living playwrights are at home during this time creating an they're gonNA come out of this with new ideas and I think you know we've had to pivot and as actors artists and trying to figure out. How can we continue to do what we need to do? Without being in a room with an audience we create arts to be in that space with an audience. And it's a communal thing and we're having to figure out another way to do that right. I don't think that will be forever but I think while we're in the space. We have to find ways of sharing that art with each other. Because that's what's GonNa keep us alive. I couldn't agree more. Jesse I spent about two weeks being a puritan and saying into the closure and saying you know we have to wait until we can all gather together in. The theater is a live audience. That's what makes it and then about two weeks and I went. That's ridiculous just because we're in a plague just because we're in difficult. Circumstances does not relieve me of the obligation to try to fulfill the mission of the theater. Like all was fulfiling it under different circumstances. These circumstances are particularly extreme but nobody gives us the right to stop trying to do what we do. We have to keep doing well. Do you ever foresee a time? Oscar win your directing using social distancing. You know your lending I mean. Can you think of a play for instance that would lend itself to the actress standing six feet away from each other and not singing into each other's faces or even wearing masks? Here's the reality. I can't imagine that right now. That doesn't mean I'm not going to be able to imagine you know my gut says we're not going to experience the fall joy of live theatre until people are not worried about getting sick however that may be a long road and we're going to keep making theater by any means necessary once we're not in a shelter at home state. I promise you we'll be figuring how to test the boundaries and make theatre that takes advantage of whatever circumstances are ethically and medically and legally possible for us. We while back to the gale that you're planning Mitchell I mean Jesse. Have you been like practising with your mute button? I I've actually participated in a few of these experiments with digital theater. And you'd have certainly been on a lot of zoom calls and meetings trying to figure out these things like the poked Dallas I I saw fails happen in the early days of corn team. People taking their computers into the restroom not realizing they were on the phone. Still and I. You won't see any of those mistakes from me your I you know just your ear or your is can you. You have such A. You need to have a little more faith than me. I think I I. I think it's going to be wonderful. And I. I have total confidence. And I've Seen Jesse triumph. In very complicated circumstances I've suggested and the talent we have lined up from Hell Pacino Meryl Streep to lin-manuel just it's just an extraordinary collection of people. All of whom were there because they love the public and I'm just so honored and flattered by that that I don't believe anything will go wrong. Technically well the public will be there because they love these performers and they also want to see their backgrounds. So Jesse I'm just saying just you know an emmy or two on the shelf or I actually have no personal emmys. I've been in shows that have won emmys but none for me. I actually have a poster from every single summer. I did at the Delacour theater. I think I'm in my background. Art from the Public Theater will wait to see how room writer feels about the twitter account. It rains the backgrounds. That's Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Who's going to be co hosting the Public Theater's gala performance a star studded? We are one public free virtual one night extravaganza for more you can go to here now dot org and the theater's artistic director Oscar Usta Oscar Jesse. We need our theater back. We need Broadway back. Thank you thank you so much for talking to us. There are ninety accredited schools around the world that train guide dogs for the blind. The coronavirus pandemic has close many of them including the oldest one in the US. The seeing eye. It's located in Morris. Township New Jersey reported John. Kelly tells us how everyone pups included is coping. Our story begins in the home of Kristen. Lake one of the thirty five. Full time seeing Instructors that's a nine week old Labrador retriever named Ginny. Who's being raised by Lake at home? She is another house. Guest thanks to the pandemic of fully trained German Shepherd Cold Henry who is one of the two hundred or so guide dogs from the seeing is campus that have been living with staff members and volunteers since the school closed lake continues to put Henry through his paces. It's just nice to get out there and know that he still can pull in harness in a still stops at curbs and will listen to my commands and just helps keep him sharpen. Keep nee sharp as well. It takes four months to train a dog at the seeing eye. Then the dogs work with their human partners for another eighteen or twenty five days of drills depending on whether their first time or replacement guide dog since late March all training at the seeing is three hundred plus Acre campus has ceased and Puppy. Breeding has been scaled. Back there really two things. You can't do remotely one his train. A dog and one is trained person with a dog. Ceo Glen Hoagland says the seeing eye has been able to continue admission interviews remotely and get a functioning veterinary telehealth system up and running the majority of the dogs that it sends out into the world each year. Go to replace guide dogs. That are too old to continue their work. There are people who are without a dog because they had to retire. Their dog or their dog passed away. Those folks are probably the highest priority and some of them. We may have to serve in their home community if we can. As soon as we're able to travel Nancy Stevens of Bend Oregon was scheduled to travel to the seeing is New Jersey campus to get a new dog this spring. She needs to replace her fourth guide. Dog A yellow lab cold. Abby Abby is in good health but Stevens says she'll be careful not to push the dog. Too hard in the warm.

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