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The brightly shining. Mandarin Duck waddled up as well kinder than we were to you. Where sorry for how we treated you. Well that's okay said Fan. Thanks for saying so. She turned to go back inside but they waived her to stop. Wait trilled the LARK. I have something for you. He slapped up to fan and put his beak to hers. The gift of music passed from him to her and when fan opened her mouth she found herself trilling a beautiful song. The sparrowhawk came next and gifted fan a mighty beak and gleaming talons. Finally the Mandarin Duck and all the rest each pulled off their brightest and most beautiful feather and gave it to fan to keep soon her. Plumage was the prettiest of all. And when you looked at her she seemed to shine like the sun itself. You were always the best of US said the lark solemnly a now. We'd like you to be the leader of the birds. We are at your service said. The sparrowhawk fans smiled and took their gifts offer a moment returning to her small warbling ash colored self her valuable self. Thank you for all of this. She said but I'd settle for just being your friend. Of course. They agreed to that but insisted she keep the gifts to for whenever she may want to use them. And that's how fan became the first Phoenix able to change from ordinary ash to the leader of all the birds reborn over and over and forever welcomed anywhere. She went the end. Today's story Phoenix feathers. Was a story inspired by fables from Greece and China written for you by Daniel Hynes and performed for you buy me Amanda Walden with a song also by me if you would like to support stories podcast you can leave us. A five star review on I tunes get ad free episodes and more at Patriotair Dot com slash stories. Check out Oliver merch available at stories. Podcast DOT com slash shop or simply. Tell your friends about us. Thanks for listening..

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