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The ground yeah that's kind of where we're at thank you wake up you get kicked in the ribs from the red the Dodger news and yeah wallowing day three it we got to start to try to phase it out a little it's hard to hard transition especially this is a baseball news wake up to it ain't easy out here for a pimp I'm trying to keep my pen pen strong it's not easy can I offer you the court cleaners photo station a fan fest can I see that you will yes we got that point I could yes you might as well all right we got a dunk tank at fan fest I'll be there I'm offering you the dunk tank in the court cleaners photos stay well here's a question the good news is sitting on the dunk tank who's on the ledge it's either you all more or Wilmer or will last year and a movie okay that is far I'm gonna sit on the the problem so here's the problem so let's of OJ days so the deal is this like we all said okay our own K. four hundred here to the belly full of white and he's gonna he's gonna just we're going to have to deal with the purge and then and then they're going to then they're going to they're going to launch the Joey bart Elliott Rama's there and we're gonna be all there are then I'm on ESPN dot com this morning in the headlines as the twenties will be the Dodgers decade awesome right hand line it stretches the headline it doesn't mean it's going to be true but the fact that that's out there when when it's supposed to be a we've been even the belly full of white dog grab the last six and as seasons and now bart in Rameau's in Luciano is going to be I was gonna be okay no no the twenties will be the Dodgers deck it up like that what really were the thirties I have one question the thirties falling back well I don't know these will be the giants decade here's my question how come every time there's a move a significant move made in the baseball landscape did did did giants are just I don't know never involved with you know he's not even not even a phone call your master Wilmer to be Israeli I might be interested I'll take that at this well they were bought now I'm just going to put Bruce podium Bryce Harper's Las Vegas suite he tries yeah Boetsch try so there you go he went to Vegas they had dinner like gentleman a moment it ride both right they all try to know what I'm saying that's the one outside of that there's been a lot of moves made and and if it doesn't it I I don't know man it looks sitting here he would say you want me to trade a valuable prospects for one my I mean really take much it did not quite shocking know how little it till I was stunned I was like no really what the trade for months ago with the brain the big brain yeah that's the big brain on the the kind of trade yeah like when they hire to my great we're gonna be part of these big three team trade it's gonna pull and that's what the Dodgers are doing yeah the Dodgers just pulled off one of the three team trades I can't like somehow someway came to my aid I got to the twins in this one by the way did you check out the NBA trade bro all my god dude I started reading about the NBA trade I did I got deep cold sweat flashbacks to junior year advanced out what I was like sandy Murray I needed you off your feet bad because I don't know what's going on here a shout out to see any Murray by the way he's got a decorated accountant here in town got me through junior year there is the hardware you a shot on the stand where's the fun in the NBA trade deadline were like a sandy show me your she man because I don't I don't get this to that NBA trade was ridiculously complicated somehow someway Jordan bell on up in Houston but as a worthy and games of it so anyway all right well listen she stayed away for two days with a black veil over her face shot a two bunny jail where she she she said until the forty Niners win that damn game I'm not coming to work they still have a one finally I guess they're not changing the score I guess and I once again I got in Monday at one thirty AM that's why I think they go on Tuesday I asked to I think windows poly like when I you know during the game six of the NBA finals how depressed I was in the wires lawyer Saul TA and that's and that's how I was with this night I just stared at the field like in a it's in and there's a chance like we got you post gets all we do seem Hughes okay say who is the mother of the bride Murphy in this now because I want to buy John McKay by John she just looked at me as I go I barely were law yes it was Sam yeah yeah you can take it down and then when I go in that locker room and for some reason we got in there earlier than we were supposed to because I don't know we're still in there and I'll send you see John land shin and then you go in and the other players crying and I was like I can't like this is I mean you've done as a former but it's you know you know it's tough well I I never cover to lose I playoff losses yeah yeah a little bit loose and see a bunch of this of all time this one of the worst and I was and I was like heart broken and then having to talk to Joe Staley and having to talk to these guys it was all right and some more had tears as whether talking I'm I I can't this your ideal show I know it's like my job but it was really really not you know like I say like this is not a drill this is not the real thing and I wasn't I mean I knew like you know that ten point it was not enough when you've got my homes on the other side and you know the way that to you know that T. tacky calling cattle and I don't have beat a dead horse I'm sure you guys don't know I wanna hear everything because it for two days can we wallow day three I think we can still while a little thing we still willing with one foot dollar down at thirteen fifteen go I mean that's that's it was like a nightmare and I said watches unravel Mike they're gonna we're gonna lose a game where you can't believe three things that came out of it that I didn't know tile is is getting roses for his always orders to rules and it was one of the three you tell me which one was the worst to you Kyle's fourth quarter ghosts Jimmy's inability to be Joe Montana when he had to be or the defense collapsing in the final six minutes which of those three is most concerning T. I mean I guess the the defense collapsing I failing but at the same time right I mean I want to play this launch an exam Sir he's been he's been you know getting the beat down but I you know he was the conservative laissez vanilla you know very vanilla conserve calling number one is going on almost the entire game a where we played a winner we planned it like what you think the end of the first half when he what I'm saying is we offer we.

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