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Talking with an investment professional people feel embarrassed about their current investment amount how much they have right now the progress that they've made and a lot of people feel unsure if their financial situation can even improve i mean these are the things that i'm hearing from people all around the country there'd be an honest and i think it's really important for us to acknowledge that you see back when i was coaching people and sitting down with people face to face i walked into a room once and there was a couple of air that was antsy and nervous i mean i talked with them and ask them some questions to get to know more about them and how i could help them you see both of them had wanted to come in and meet with the financial coach going back as far as a few years before they were worried that the mistakes that they had made would be the highlight of the meeting but the thing that put them at ease was me explaining to them about my own financial mistakes the things that i had done wrong in the past i mean seriously vip's don't don't don't don't let at my broad shoulders and strong voice make you think that always had it together with money oh no i've done stupid vip's i'm talking about not just getting a t shirt i got t shirt hat flipflops cousy okay listen i could go on and on but the bottom line is is i'm not the result of my mistakes i'm the result of my knowledge and my effort to turn things around and so for them talking with them helping them to understand that my office was a team office i was on their team it caused them to have a different opinion they were nervous about being judged but the reality is that i was excited to be able to help you see this is the very same scenario that a lot of people feel when it comes to talking to an investment professional an individual like the smartvestor pros that you hear me talking about these are people that have the heart of a teacher because now you start to understand you're in a safe place and you can talk with someone about those questions you've always had in the back of your mind.

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