Need WiFi? Park in front of the Port O'Connor, Texas library

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Know how vital it is to get a WIFI signal. Especially during these pandemic times, some people are getting more creative about it than others. One of them might be Julian jeans. She lives in L. A., but she's hiding out right now in Port O'Connor Texas where WIFI singles are at a premium Julian. Tell everybody what you're doing. Everybody thanks for having me on your podcast Geoff so Why is a struggle? You know during the Hanjin because of we were having issues because we're a media company and their files are big, and also we do live streaming filmmaking classes, so we actually would go to the library. In Puerto Connor. That's hiding out and The library was closed for a while, so we had to sit outside and luckily import a corner. They have set up a couple of chairs, plastic chairs that lean back and a little debt, and they also have a blood outside, so it's awesome that libraries. Has You know a Free Wifi for everyone twenty four seven, so that's in a lifesaver because Puerta. Context is a lot of people. Don't know that it's right by the Gulf of Mexico so where we have our. Getaway House and they're actually zero. Available where we're located, so we have to go. Outside the very set up with our computers are hard drives, you know live streaming, phone act and just to outside and and make them. Work for US Okay I've seen the photos that you guys sent me of you guys hanging out in front of the Librarian. They so cute really but come on. How much do you Miss Wi fi in the home I missed it quite a bit because it. It takes a while just to drive you know to. The library is closed and you have to go to the restroom. That is an issue. and we've had to be creative about that as well Yeah, so I I do miss you know fast Internet especially because we have a still making community and so just being able to. Post our classes and keep up with our community and you know be active on social media. Everything dies down about fifty percent because we just don't have that quick access anymore. Well. We mine strain. filmmaking classes at eleven eleven Pacific Standard Time Monday through Friday and our Fox sports filmmaking academy group. It's community led class, so if anybody can volunteer to be a teacher and teach their passion Since I'm in charge of it and if we don't have a volunteer, teacher out will be teaching the class. I my stream from outside the library. I'm very vocal about where that, just in case, the connection is bad and people don't see me as usual setups, which is back at our La. House and we have our big monitors there. We have a seamless backdrop. You know we have kind of Nice lighting, but now I'm just outside the library and I just want to keep the community gulling. Keep people learning. You know through the panic. Now's the time to learn. Now's the time to connect with your community and get cross going. So you know I said, rain or shine WIFI fire or not. I will stream or classes from anywhere, and it works best the library we have unlimited a WIFI streaming.

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