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The police department's chief of operations. Hours later, four people were killed, including a 14 year old boy while attending a large street gathering. Ah search for suspects in South Carolina, where two people were killed overnight at a nightclub in Greenville, eight others were hurt for critically. Angry protests against police brutality in Portland, Oregon, where authorities declared a riot twice in one day. Mark Morgan, the acting commissioner of U. S Customs and Border Protection, tells Fox and friends. These people aren't protestors. They're criminals who brought weapons. They brought a shield. They brought frozen water bottles, rocks, lasers. Weapons with the intent to destroy federal building and harm law enforcement officers. Portland police say one officer was hurt after a mortar exploded near her foot toppled on the fourth of July, a statue of Christopher Columbus in Baltimore that sound courtesy of Spencer Compton via story, full demonstrators in the city's Little Italy neighborhood brought the marble monument down with ropes and chains, then tossed it. Into the inner harbor. The spread of the Corona virus is showing no signs of slowing over the weekend. Both Florida and Texas reported their largest single daily rise in infections. This comes days after Alabama set a record for infections reported in a single day, with more than 1700 confirmed cases. That's boxes. Garrett Tenney, America's listening to Fox News. News

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