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I've got this cool idea that i envisioned as a serial. And here's it's time but but and here's here's the thing that kind of made me hawes Because the readership is different. It's skews younger And my readers for my existing series of cozy. Mysteries are older. They're cozy mystery readers stews skew a little bit And there are less so there. Perhaps less likely to pick up can develop. Who knows though. It's not you know lunch out. We don't know but that was kind of a decision point for me that if you have an readership that is a little bit older. Or even if you don't because we know that serial readers are not a complete overlap with novel-readers you're gonna be reaching a new audience not necessarily your existing folks and they won't necessarily be folks you can pull into your novel audience. So that is a consideration. If you're deciding whether or not to make a go of it with kindle bella argue truly exploring a new audience or are you letting yourself get distracted by the new shiny thing and that was something that has really kind of bothered me for a few weeks and why. I really put off recording this episode. You know and. I've i've put a lot of effort into my cozy mysteries the past few years and on top of that. I have a Another project going on with children's books at i'm working on this summer and into the fall and so that's already a new audience children's picture books and go. Don't cozy mysteries. They don't go together. I've already made one decision to split my audience so this would be yet. Perhaps a third branch of that and did i really want to go down that road because that comes with extra marketing extra strategizing extra a lot of things and you know that's a consideration to make. So i really grappled with whether i was being distracted by the newest shiny thing instead of doubling down on what i knew worked.

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