President Trump, Football, Senate discussed on The Axe Files with David Axelrod


The fact that we've still got a lot of work to do in race relations in community policing and the life i fully understand that but when you want to lead on an issue you find the way to do it in a way that doesn't isolate people and turn people off to lead us to bring people to your point of view and unfortunately this became not about what they wanted to say which was very important but about whether you support the flag whether or not you salute during the national anthem whether or not you respect the sacrifices of those who served under that flag and so i think it became counterproductive or depressive handled the i would have again i would have advised the president not to become a sports commentator on this but may not are being on the issue on the issue two habit get to the point that it became about whether or not you support the flag was a problem and i said to a group of young football players with whom i met said look the fact is people come to watch you play football they it come to watch protest and they come with their families than they spent their entire week salary on one of those expensive nfl tickets and and they want to enjoy the game but the impetus to want to say something about these events i think was a good one i just think that the message got lost in the uh the means that they chose what are the voting alabama mean to you intervened in the senate in the senate race at the end uh and uh and you clearly were urging people not to vote for more and more although you didn't use his name going back to the famous cautioned that i mentioned before but the message was very clear and alabama delivered a very clear message as well what does that mean to you well first of all i wanted people to vote yet risen.

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