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They didn't need me there you know and so they she was being like you're saying with me and sizing me up and asking me why we wanted to do this and i said i want to undertake a long term project conducting oral history interviews and making photographs i know that you don't actually generally speaking i know that you seek headedness from the world so that you can pray for the rest of us but would you consider talking to me and and i also secondarily said i'm also interested in meeting a young woman who's considering this live so somebody who's looking back i could see this is a woman who these are women who when they're considering it actually kind of i wanted to save vulnerable position but they're in a real of there their ideas are fluctuating you know there is not fixed way of being and so it was very generous that they let me i want to ask about heather down the film but even before we get there when you talk about the oral history in the photographs what did you expect to get i mean as someone who was as you just mentioned living on a ship in africa and and wanting to and dedicating your life to to to telling these stories what do you think you were going to be able to get once you start working in i got way more honesty way more vulnerability insincerity than i ever anticipated i got way more humor people when they learn how long i've been working with the nuns i i have to say you know i wouldn't be doing this still if if it was a dour experience it's been tremendous you know i've gained friendships through it and really it's been incredible the film is called chosen custody of the is the documentaries on last day coming up here at the gene siskel center on state street the audience discussions tomorrow night's with filmmaker abby re susan studio tonight we'll do this let's take a quick break we'll come back and i wanna talk about heather heather is the name of the non who i guess they not in training who who who if it does such a tremendous job in this documentary of of being able to give us access and.

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