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At the top at thirty past each hour on news radio WFLA warm and getting warmer after a pleasant start this morning with temperatures in the mid sixties were going to rise into the low eighties again today with a high near eighty two we'll see a mixture of sun and clouds tonight mild near sixty four Saturday will be even warmer hearing records with a high near eighty five Sunday near eighty three on the water today east winds turning west at about five to ten knots sees one to two feet and just a light chop in the bay I mean channel eight meteorologist Amanda Holly the UV index is nine right now mostly cloudy sixty nine degrees in Saint Petersburg sixty three in tarpon springs and sixty four at your severe weather station newsradio WFLA next update at six fifteen I'm Chris Franklin and now for your informational cast of players Jack Harris Aaron Jacobson Katie Bertino not only are quickly you're listening to A. M. Tampa Bay good morning it is Friday morning here at ten minutes after six and the big story continues to be the corona virus and that's going to be a big story that's going to be with us for a long long time we will be playing rack your brain at six twenty this morning and we're gonna bring on Jay Ratliff at six fifty to give us an update on the markets because they have certainly been impacted by the corona virus and we've seen a plunge like we haven't seen in decades with no end in sight on fourth down yeah and it's continuing apparently then we're going to find out from him what the best thing is to do if you are a stockholder meanwhile a ten minutes after six we're gonna take a look for bottlenecks here out in traffic and that would be K. along okay what's up I tell you Jack not much going on out there this morning from the Macias on traffic center we have a good ride on the roads no problem so far on two seventy five by seventy five.

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