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That don't affect the turtles. i mean. Help us so you're you're nice to fps today. But that day you you were you're close to being is limited as you can get you. Were not happy with the presentation and it. You felt like they're leaving you hanging and somebody's gonna get hurt on that road. It's bad it's really dr especially with construction. It's so bad right now. In florida power and light team to us can happy to have him there but there was so generic and they didn't have any solutions forest and but they're they did provide some options that hopefully we'll be able to utilize with their. I never folks are concerned about the lighting console but you really do need some over the science back lighting background. Fortunately the council day analysis lighting expert. And then we also have an electrical engineer with bill beach. So we've got some science on on the council which are really be helpful. And so hopefully i. It just doesn't seem like we're that far from the solution. We ought to be able to move quickly. I hope we can. Is there anything else you want to cover before anything more on the water by the way. I want to make sure we give a shout out to jenny. dexter dexter. she's been very helpful. And getting the information out. And i'm sure that the links in addition to them being in the print which as we've had discussion they're hard to kind of just click on when people are so used to having things instant they'll be probably on the website and they'll be pushing them out on the facebook page so that you know if you don't you know if you don't want to type them in on your on your computer you'll be able to go to the social media pages or towns clunky website and find out where where you can get the links and actually follow through with the with the letters that you wanted to get out i i. I've made some as very helpful behind the scenes. Helping me with social media ideas and johnny's been great and so i think between all these ideas and smarter people than i am on this. I'm old school. I'm a newspaper guy. Direct bill guy but social media piece is a big part on it but having some of these groups like john's group and captains for clean water having them helped push it out as well. I think we're going to really have a neat opportunity. The impact things for in a positive way. Anything we can do to help you know we're always here for you. We agree to come on. Yeah thanks for. Thanks for an additional exposure to this idea. Anything you need. Just let us know. Bless your heart. Thank you jim. Aderholt holt. everybody town council member and they're gonna go out and enjoy the beach today. Thank you for buying a mug and supporting the community foundation and a and we'll make sure that we get all that information out so people know jim aderholt town council member dear. You're just sitting there. You're puzzled and the whole thing and the escape route from the show is awkward. We need to figure out like so people feel like you know what is the exit strategy. The show here so that. I want a real quick talk before we talk about the community foundation. And how you're how. You're helping each pottery because you were there and atlanta and those guys have like i don't five thousand or ten thousand or seven hundred million pots that they have. They're all over the place. You drive by beach pottery. And that's san carlos boulevard. Seventy nine eighty. You see it on the right hand side some of you if you came to the beach late or coming to say you're gonna get stuck in traffic so you might as well just stop there right and check out all. They have because they have more than pots they have. You know carved stuff that way to have in your back or or chairs..

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