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Gus maintain positions securities or managers discussed on this podcast on today's manager meeting. Donna snyder speaks with bruce. Martin donna was a past guest on the show when named institutional investors top of the future while at the kresge foundation. Sure enough today. She serves as the chief investment officer at hackensack marine health. Bruce founded still lake capital to invest in a concentrated portfolio of equities after spending twenty five years in the credit markets including seventeen at angelo gordon. Five years later he still at it managing his capital alongside that of some friends. Donna was a longtime investor. With bruce and angelo gordon and has watched his progress carefully in this new venture before she died. In with bruce we chat about why she connected to him through his transition and when she might be ready to take the leap to back still lake before we get going. I wanted to let you know that. We're enrolling the first cohort of capital allocators university alive online course that starts on september twenty first for gone i put together a course to help train investment professionals on the skills they need to succeed at the most senior levels of their organizations but that aren't typically taught an investment curriculum. We'll be joined by an all star cast of past guests on the show to help you learn foundational skills like time management in public speaking and value added ones decision making and networking hop on the website and click university in the menu to learn more great to see you tad good to see you so i know from this conversation..

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