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That lack of continuity, the potential for what in my mind would be a senseless tear down one more likely to set the national team program back than drive it forward. To me, that feels more likely than ever after today's news. So yeah, I'm wildly disappointed by it. It doesn't mean that it's going to well, let me it doesn't mean that it's going to play out to the negative, right? Like whoever comes in is the new sporting director could end up looking at everything that the U.S. did and saying like, yeah, this is what we want to keep. We're going to hire coach and keep the blueprint and keep the game model and try to build upon that and do everything I just said. Like personnel can be policy in this respect and maybe they'll get the right personnel at every stop. And that's what I'll do. And number two is I don't think bielsa or be able to style coach. Or even Jesse marsh, who I love. But very different game model. I don't think that that is the best way to drive the U.S. forward to continue the momentum that I think this team built in the 2022 cycle. But it might work anyway, right? It might end up being that like, okay, four four two narrow pressing, no switches, you know, that is actually the way to get the most out of this group. So everything still at play, but just from my perspective, I'm a big believer in continuity in this game. I believe that consistency of vision makes it easier for players to consistently execute and I am very disappointed and worried now that the national team program, which, in my mind, made real stride, like real, visible strides in how they played, I'm worried that now we're going to lose that as we spin forward into this 2026 cycle.

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