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We we have a a total on which is raise last night this game i'm working ox gave her that right now for john martin ocean tweet out his gofundme page as well we'll buy that right so that was a guy that was a great idea by buck that first of all they do it for john martin and cycling f pedro pitch i mean there's all the you know a lot of bus for that was what a coup could grudge was that good luck yeah great job him trying to figure how much they raised i know they brother ten thousand dollars check during the game really so i don't know and then they do they pass the bucket at the game aid do all that stuff night we saw the value of i john martin no i don't i don't know if we ever worked with him off who's ever down spring training or did sebescen stuff with an absurd he was buried arrives there yet or whatever bedwar word but now he's one of these guys he sees gofundme page pictures goes tool daughters in each you see him with a lse could see already starting to it so cruel it's the worst so evil it is so evil john martin lane what do you think uh again i mean what kind of player was he has a high school baseball player support question that was a great rachel a good job by james wrote a job i ever on yet or hit by pager by the way i read the story pedro pictured martin up at his house drove into the game hung agassi remembered him from when when he was already on the right and then came it did a great deal that's where you're trying to do what you heard buck last night say he beja was the on the fence last year couldn't do it scheduling but called back tishrin said we're doing it for john martin pedro said tell me where to be there what time to be there in what was line to you how much and know struck out the side the first don't have his stats in front of me now and lou duluth rounded out then swore on the air because he was mike the pitch to score listening wchs went over one at the point they gray hit as well picture.

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