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It only took one leg drop to beat andre the giant but it's three to be vince mcmahon story just busting balls i really enjoyed this match man you know this is a great old school wrassling hasn't not it was it was classic in lake said it wasn't pretty right but it told great story and they busted busted there as there were some of those shots man you look at some of those punches that vincent throwing and hitting hulk in the face and watching hawks reaction ling jesus it was a it was a great story man all the way around and it will something that it was nice to to get there it was just so nice to get there and then i wanted you know which we'll talk about later on at some point but you know i wanted to get there with the hair match later on with the whole mr america thing later on but it didn't happen and that was just one of my you know that was a proud happy moment for me because when you have something big like that haven't come off and they have the surprise of roddy piper in there it was just some cool shit it was some really cool shit hey was this wrestlemainia different from others when vince who's normally sort of puppeteer is actually participating in a match his day has to look a lot different right it does it and for for those of us you'll try to run things it becomes less stressful because he's worried about his match and you don't have him breathing down your neck and more stressful because he's he's worried about everything so it's it's you get both sides of it and i don't know which one is better but for me on this day i was running all over the place and i had like one of those little carts to with a driver that would drive me everywhere because it was just such a damn big building and i'm fat and i'm lazy but now just run all over the place it was.

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