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Los Angeles Fire Department continues Search for Missing Swimmer


The search for missing swimmer still underway in the South Bay the LA fire department says it's five dive team members of finished conducting underwater search off the coast of Manhattan Beach near thirty fourth street lifeguards beach units in bay watch rescue boats will stay on the scene patrolling it's not immediately clear when the swimmer was reported missing charge of in filing this man in connection with the death of a five year old boy accidentally shot himself inside a home in south LA LA city attorney Mike fewer says the man put a loaded gun in the closet of the bedroom at his mom's home in November six days later the boy found the gun and shot himself we've filed three criminal counts in this case including the unsafe storage of a firearm I cannot say strongly enough that it is absolutely essential that if you have a gun at home that you safely storing fewer says guns are the third leading cause of death for kids people who own guns in LA required to store them in a locked container or disabled with a trigger lock well twenty with a look at your money here spring mo tech tough time for retailers of Macy's now warning it could lose more than a billion dollars in C. sales follies forty five percent during the first quarter after the corona virus pandemic paralyzed its retail operations nationwide the report from Macy's offering the latest evidence that the coronavirus prices widening the divide between the big box stores like Walmart and target and when mall based clothing chains L. brands which operates Victoria's secret and bath and body works reported a wider than expected loss on a deep sales drop a looks like they're gonna be making some big changes there are also another reading out to today from a Best Buy the nation's largest consumer electronics chain said it retained eighty one percent of its sales during the pandemic quarter even with its doors closed to consumers on the real estate front we're seeing as sales plunge last month according the national association of realtors in another report from a CoreLogic sales down more than thirty percent here in southern California prices continue to take higher and mortgage rates have eased again though still hovering at or near record lows take a look at where we stand over the stock market right now after a positive start the Dow's pulling back a fifty seven right now nasdaq down fifty eight the S. and P. five hundred down fifteen check the money of twenty and fifty each hour Franco tech from the H. M. as capital money desk can extend seventy newsradio people no see getting more corona virus test details ninety seconds twelve twenty one

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