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Oh baby steps guys maybe steps back down at the table danny's life well everyone thinks it why doesn't anybody what is everyone pretend they don't know what's going on and austin goes i don't know what the bike i don't even know shasha don't turn them into shot well sasha's gone so austin's body close he's on a hover board be like i don't know i don't know enough about her yeah i don't know what's going on and he goes oh please i have respect for you for like five minutes i'm not defending you still know what she did okay it's like yes you do not hear s as the whitney like cod enough enough clucking i'm gonna go up stairs in call my mother about how men are he actually runs away but but the thing is with austin is that he's he's suddenly like oh well you know i'm not going to like go in on him when i don't have all the facts and you know these are serious charges he's basically doing that whole line if which is technically that's a very admirable thing you know you do wanna get all your information you know in a line you don't wanna just like accuse people things you only know half truths about but hey you're on a reality show that's actually your job you have to do that but be i think the reason why always annoys people went on the guy saying that is because a lot of times guys guys will basically destroy especially a woman's reputation based on not a lot of like where is that where is that need to like do your do diligence and gather all the information when you were like basically dismantling a woman's reputation which is what i think.

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