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A high Today of 104 degrees a low tonight of 77 Expect Ohio 107 tomorrow. Right now it is 99 degrees in Phoenix. Whether brought to you by Howard Air Arizona votes my Latinos. I love the Latinos. But I've always known how great you were President Donald Trump in a Valley yesterday courting Latino voters, but a recent poll shows he isn't doing too well with this group of voters. Griselda City No begins our live team coverage. With more That's right. Martha 29% of Latino voters in Arizona plan to vote for President Trump compared with 63% for former vice President Joe Biden. That's according to a poll in August by the national polling firm Latino Decisions. Numbers and 2016. So the the idea of these even need along the chinos, especially in Arizona in certainly a ball. Latino decisions last presidential election years ago, Trump won 28% of the Latino vote. A similar share went to Mitt Romney in 2012 and two John McCain and 2008. Reporting live. I'm Griselda City. No, Katie, our niece. The president's visit yesterday was just the start of the Trump campaign Full week ahead. Jim Cross has those details. His daughter and senior advisor Ivanka Trump will be in Phoenix Wednesday for a round table with governor on family issues. Political expert is Mike O'Neal. This is not the last presidential or vice presidential visit that we're going to get. We've seen camera Harris at least Elektronik Lee. We'll see Joe Biden and to close out the way Vice President Mike Pence will be in the Valley to take part in a roundtable for Hispanic Heritage Month and also a veterans for Trump event on Friday, Jim Cross and today we also learned second lady Karen Pence will come to Arizona.

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