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Credit? Gee. Is that for rapid traffic? That's. If it wasn't Christmas oriented that could be traffic for the whole because you that line. You don't really think of it as Christmas? Yeah. That actually would work year round. But then people would say, why are you play music in July. But it's but that line is it a Christmas who came up with that what you were Paul. I think Paul thought of that. That's a good one. That's probably the best one. I didn't you that was one Paul or not. I don't know. It's probably the best one. But the others are pretty good too. Oh, well that via they're all back. Good that that was that's outstanding. I think they all relate pretty well. And we hate grandma got run over by a reindeer. So that's why is it is clearly technically it may be. But it's an abomination guys refused to put on something. You don't like it fits the criteria actually be because the whole problem. We've had with the traffic bumper music is there's only somebody signs it, can you do they have some sort of traffic component to it. Bus stop. Not used bus stop. All right. Borderline traffic. You could start with a little Hong torn. No, don't do the haunt toward that that's in bus. Stop. Oh, I don't even remember that. Yeah. So bus stop. You can new bus. Stop see if you put if you I talking make myself the involved in this at all. But I can I can do if you're talking about the holidays, right? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. That's a thinking sixty six I'd say sixty sixty seven who is the guy who the lead singer on that song was. Steve. Graham, sorry, Graham Nash, you're right. It is Graham Nash. Okay. All right now, what kind of traffic.

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