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Who brother. Let's talk about some things happened this week. Though jim mercy will be joining us in then kevin youkilis will be joining after jim or say and then i will be leaving sometime. In the second hour darius we'll take over hosting duties. Aj hawk will be joining us. Post wife's birthday. We got a good feel good. Friday here shot to cb diem diva before we get to jim mercy eucalyptus. Aj or me hitting the road to go to beautiful minneapolis by the way. Guess there's canadian fires. Oh no there's some crazy stuff. Garnering rain happening in canada my friend. Okay so michael. Cole landed in minnesota last night. He took a picture of the landing. There's hayes there's like a from the canadian fighters. I guess yeah low. The plane was low whenever that thing was still there. I think it's like a fog. I just even art clouds. And there's a bunch of teasing peace. Everybody up in canada by the way we don't. We have canadian canadian around the show here in dumpy but teaser appease everybody battling gets five embolic. Everybody needed murder. Everybody needs them. Let's let's talk about a little football here. I'm excited to get your take on a couple of things. Aaron rodgers comes back to lambo. He now has agreed to a restructured contract with the green bay. Packers not one hundred central. What all the ins and outs are. I don't think we've been told all of them exactly yet. We do know that the updated cap situations for this season or twenty seven five million than updated captured. Twenty twenty two is forty six point one million dollars now that is vastly different. I guess because the money that the green bay packers would oh or have dead if they were to trade. Aaron rodgers has gone down. It has less money now. I believe it's twenty six million as opposed to like forty million or something like that. If it's a pre-june. I or post june first trade deadline. Whatever it is. I believe more information. We'll get leaked about this contract as the days. Go on who controls. What how it goes. Aaron's got a gift from david bahktiar in morning and asked him martin Golf cart wha- golf cart which should be dope your thoughts on that situation because we haven't got a chance to chat about it. You're he's back. That press conference was awesome loved. Now he's got a new contract gift. Seems like he's smiling. Cops back in their your thoughts on aaron rodgers and how this whole situation is handle. i mean obviously. He was upset with. We know who he was upset with. in his teammates still like them. So that's a good thing really like. Oh i know i think he. He got the press conference it was. It was amazing. Because obviously everybody's been talking form all this time. He took a break got his mental. Got his mental right. And you know took shots at who you need to take shots at and now he's backing locker room and i'm sure those guys once once you offer can't it's all about football and trying to win and you got the reigning. Mvp backing locker room. I mean you ready to roll and the thought and there was a couple of these from people that were in similar in the locker room so you expect them to understand situations. Naturally i do. I just expect that there are some thought. I guess in some chatter that maybe the teammates wouldn't respect aaron rodgers and that was obviously before he went and did that press conference. This was about him coming back and then not being around for the long haul. So do they respect and trust this there was. It was more than it was more than a few people that were saying. These things were in the locker room locker rooms. That was my biggest problem journalists cool. That's a fairy tale story. You can create but that's not just real life. That's on out so when i saw players say that it was vastly interesting but then after that press conference and i want to ask your opinion when he walked back into the locker room after that press conference and everybody watch it or into the dorm wherever they're saying well he's into reaction.

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