Shawna Newsome


Hey everyone and welcome to another paid for Friday episode where we highlight people that we feel are doing a great job of Polish leadership content resonates with us. We will include links to their work and tag them on our post to make sure that they know we appreciate them. This is our way to say thanks to other leaders and individuals that are having a positive impact on helping others become better leaders through sharing your thoughts opinions and ideas online for all to see and hear Chris. I have always wanted to use our platform to advocate for other people passionate about leadership and our listeners much content as possible to help sharpen their own skills through different perspectives and approaches. If you like US check out any one specific please tag him in the comments or send us a message with links to their content on this episode. I WANNA recognize Sean. Newsom SEAN is a season retail manager is open to new opportunities with this pandemic. We've seen a lot of people impacted especially in retail now. I could go on for hours about people who lead retail stores in their connection to their people and their loyalty to their companies and their ability to manage. Pnl's present on performance calls deal with HR issues and exceed customer expectations. But that would just be the tip of the iceberg on what most retailers are capable of the reason I wanted to highlight. Shauna is because of how she is handling her current situation. I saw one of her most recent posts and even with the uncertainty of her organization and her job. She was recognizing her team for the hard work they were doing. It was genuine because after checking out her content came across opposed that she shared a wild bag and it read and I quote when I started my new role store manager of a new store at a new company. I not only had to learn an entire new process and new procedures but new employees as well like every new store manager. I began assessing my employees from the beginning. I listen to feedback from the former store manager as well as conducting daily observations one of the quote unquote week performers. I quickly assessed was simply in the wrong role. I moved this young lady to a new role within the store. And she is now flourishing beyond words. The moral of the story is treat your employees like they matter and like their work matters and give them a job that speaks to them and you will be amazed the outcome.

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